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WP IPS Plugin Missing?

WP IPS Connect 28 Oct 2014
I've tried to upload this plugin in the zip format through the WP admin panel as I do all others. The plugin fails to install because - no valid plugin is found. Can anyone help me understand how to solve this?
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WP IPS Connect Issue

WP IPS Connect 22 Oct 2014
I am using the latest WP IPS Connect with WP 4.0 and IPB I setup everything correctly, the only thing that does not seem to be working properly is that the SSO / Registration is not working correctly.   I see the new registered member in IPB members, but they are not showing up in WP users....
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IP Board version 4.0 Menu?

Feedback 16 Oct 2014
Do you have a menu created that support IP Board version 4.0 Pre-release?  I would sure like to test it.
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Question about WP 4.0

WP IPS Connect 29 Sep 2014
First of all, I want to thank you for putting this great software as a free plugin! It is really useful for me, again, many thanks!   I have a question about Wordpress 4.0. I know that the plugin works great in Wordpress 3.x, even in 3.9.2, but I've read that with previous version there are...
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ProMenu Plus Disable Responsive?

Client Lounge 28 Aug 2014
Much like the topic title, is there a way to just disable the responsive aspect of ProMenu Plus?  I'd prefer to have the primary nav displayed for all devices.   Thanks!
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Latest News

Recent Changes

Oct 22 2014 01:15 AM | Michael in General News

Recent Changes to provisionists, and the future of our products...

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ProMenu 3.0 Has Been Released !!!!!

Feb 04 2013 09:05 PM | Robert in ProMenu

ProMenu 3.0 Has Been Released !!!!!

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ProMenu 2 Series Has Been Discontinued

Feb 04 2013 09:00 PM | Robert in ProMenu

Limited Forum support for this version ....

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2.1.5 Released!!!!!

Oct 30 2012 02:00 PM | Robert in ProMenu

We fixed a bug!!!

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What's New in 2.1.4?

Oct 19 2012 05:24 AM | Robert in ProMenu

We improved the preview!!!!

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2.1.3 Released!!!!!

Oct 18 2012 05:20 AM | Robert in ProMenu

We fixed a bug!!!

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What's New in 2.1.2?

Aug 06 2012 04:45 PM | Robert in ProMenu

We've added a new menu menu group!!!!

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2.1.1 Released - A Must Have!!!

Jul 24 2012 02:35 PM | Robert in ProMenu

This version releases a few patches to repair bugs.

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2.1.0 Released!!!!!

Jul 21 2012 02:25 PM | Robert in ProMenu

Several bug fixes and a couple new features have been added.

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2.0.8 Released!!!

Jul 12 2012 08:20 PM | Robert in ProMenu

I released 2.0.8 today to add in the flexibility to allow members to create both mega menus and regular menus at the same time.

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