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By Michael, in Latest News,

I will be rebuilding the bug tracker with integration with downloads over the next few weeks, I will be using pages to do so, so if you are interested in it, please let me know I'll release the templates and database along with any hooks to you free of charge.
all I ask is that you don't repackage it and sell it, and if you make any improvements you release them as well.

CJ Menu 2.0.0 Preview.
New Features:

More: replaces the "slide menu" Sub Menus stay open on screen resize Sub Menus resize on screen resize. Enhanced Mobile Menus (bigger sub menu's, for easier use on touch devices) Changed "back to top" from menu, to lower right hand corner. New menu "type". Internal: allows partial URL's from your site, to allow easier portability if sites URL changes. Improved "Import Navigation". Movable "User Menu". Improved Menu Activation (now if you are in a topic, its forum will activate. available for all of IPS applications) Most of the improvements in 2.0.0 are done on the code level.

I've been working on version 2.0.0 of cjmenu for the last few weeks, have it pretty much done, but then came across a bomb in IPS 4.1 release. you can find out more at the bug report:

Hello everyone,
I've begun work on CJ Menu 2.0. 1.0 was more of a long term "beta" so to speak as i learned the IPS 4.0 framework. There are somethings in CJ Menu 1.0 that people like and other things they really dislike. So if you really dislike something in CJ Menu or really want to see a feature added in, let me know!


By Michael, in Latest News,

We are currently in the process of upgrading our site to IPS 4.0. Please be patient with us while we do. If you notice something not working or something missing, please use our Bugs & Suggestion section and use the Other category to post bugs or suggestions.
For the next week or so you can use your displayname or email address to login, after that we will switch to email logins only.
Thanks everyone.