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  2. Babble Chat Service

    Sounds good, please let me know if there is anything I can help with. Really looking forward to these changes! Thank you for all your continued hard work.
  3. Babble Chat Service

    in its current form, an ajax request wouldn't be enough (as the namespace the socket.io is the room), in version 3 this will be easier to do, so that will be something in 3. right now the easiest thing to do, would be when it is a widget, to have it open in a new tab. yeah, not a bad idea, i'll take it into consideration for version 3.
  4. Babble Chat Service

    For another tab, I'm assuming you mean the chatbox itself, instead of a new browser tab. If so, then yes, that could work. I'm unsure of how your code works as i haven't dug into it too much, so if that's the easiest solution than by all means. I just figured you could do an ajax refresh or something of the chatbox area only. As for multiple clubs, if the fear is the list becoming too large for the rooms a nice work around would be to have a /join command. /join "General", /join "Trading Nexus" or something like that. For either of these suggestions, if it is helpful, I can work up a few mockups if needed to visualize this easier.
  5. Babble Chat Service

    so you'd want it to open up another tab if it is the widget switching rooms? not a bad idea, only question would be how to handle it if they are in multiple clubs, I'll see about it for version 3.
  6. Babble Chat Service

    Loving the Chat Service so far. I do have a few recommendations though. The main thing I'd like to see addressed is when switching rooms. Currently I have Babble at the bottom of several pages, one of which is a game I've integrated with my forum. When switching rooms, I am navigated away from the game page and taken to the babble page. This is of course undesirable as the Chat box on the game page is a huge favorite. Is there anyway we can fix this? The second thing I'd like to see is club chat rooms to be accessible from ANY chat widget and not just on the clubs page itself. Basically if a members is apart of a club and that club has a chat room, the club chat room should show up in the list of rooms for said person. Hopefully these are possible. Thanks!
  7. Number of users

    2.6.2 will have some tweaks to this, the count number comes from the online list and the online list is directly tied to the socket connections. i've been unable to reproduce this so far, and working on this in version 2 is delaying work on version 3. hopefully the tweaks in 2.6.2 fixes this issue, but i any issues with the online list and/or counts from this moment, will no longer be addressed until version 3.
  8. Number of users

    Changed Status from Duplicate to Closed Changed Fixed In to Next Version
  9. Number of users

    Still seems to be some problems with the numbers... Ctrl - F5 restores everything fine though
  10. Babble 2.6.1 Self Hosted

    There will not be a 2.6.1 version of the babble self hosted, as a vast majority of the changes were for the chat service. There will be a 2.6.2 released in a few days to address a few other issues for self hosted (that were in the self hosted specific bits of the code).
  11. Service not working

    I am in Australia, but over 90% of my users are in the USA. I've tried both nodes but predominantly the North American one.
  12. Service not working

    where you located in the world?
  13. Service not working

    No love yet. Cleared cache. Still lagging on this:
  14. Service not working

    okay try it now.
  15. Service not working

    I am not sure, but whatever was changed yesterday shortly after I posted the Connection issue has stopped the connection altogether. If that helps. It is an awesome application, we were really enjoying it up until it stopped. Look forward to the fix thanks again.
  16. Service not working

    yeah i thought it was the forcing websockets only, but now i am not sure. I've isolated it to it emitting the online list. hopefully i can get it solved soon.
  17. Service not working

    Yes, I had this enabled. I just did a test and turned off the option in Layouts > Enable Counts to off and cleared the forum cache, but it's still not working Thanks for your help. Just a note, it was connecting yesterday morning then suddenly stopped. Although the connection was still taking a long time before, now it won't connect at all.
  18. Service not working

    are you using menu counts by chance? i thought i had this tracked down, but it appears to be linked to counts atm.
  19. Service not working

    Hi Michael, I have just downloaded the 2.6.1 version and the chat is not working at all. It fails to ever connect, and just has the Connecting... screen permanently there but never connects. It is like this for all users. Please advise.
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  21. Connecting time

    Thanks for that. We are unable to connect at all now. It just keeps saying Connecting... It was working yesterday with lags, but myself and all of our members are unable to connect at all now. I've tried clearing the forum cache (which helped before) and changing the node server location, no luck.
  22. Connecting time

    Tomorrow at the earliest, there are a few things i need to test out a bit more before rolling out. instead of using /ban, you can use /mute, it will "silence" them for 24 hours
  23. Connecting time

    Hey, thanks Michael. Can you please advise on an estimated timeframe for the release of 2.6.1 The ban user function is needed urgently, is there a fix in the meantime. Thanks! Excellent application.
  24. Connecting time

    Changed Status from Pending to Closed Changed Fixed In to Next Version
  25. Connecting time

    i believe this might be related to an issue in 2.6.0 where i am forcing only websockets. i misunderstood something in the socket.io documentation and thought that would be a good thing, but i also have noticed that sometimes i need to refresh once or twice to get it to connect, cause depending on browser/device/internet connection/server load/ping/etc, websockets can take awhile to fully establish. so i've gone back to the default method in 2.6.1, hopefully this will resolve this issue. there are 2 servers currently for babble chat service, one is in North America (NYC) and the other one is in Europe (Amsterdam), European and Asian sites are reporting much better connections with the European server ( i am not sure where your site or a majority of its users are coming from, so if the NA server suits you best, stick with it ).
  26. Cannot ban username if there is a space

    Changed Status from Pending to Closed Changed Fixed In to Next Version
  27. Cannot ban username if there is a space

    fixed in next version.
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