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  3. Guest

    Suggestion: Collapsable Button Widget

    Changed Status from Pending to Closed
  4. This isn't a bug, but a suggestion for a widget style that I think would work really well with this application. A clickable button that expands into the full chat room, and utilises cookies to remember a user's preference for opened or collapsed. When collapsed, it only displays as a small circle icon allowing the rest of the site to expand into the space. Some features/settings that would be useful on such a widget: Size of button in px Fontawesome icon to display on button Width of expanded chatbox in px Height of expanded chatbox in px Show online user list (disabled for chatboxes set below a certain width) yes/no Show editor buttons yes/no Sticky button & chatbox in position yes/no Show user avatars yes/no User avatar size in px Show connecting/disconnected dialog yes/no Unrelated, but it would also be amazing if it could work with Adriano's Linked Accounts mod, allowing users to choose which of their linked accounts they want to send the message from in the message composer.
    Five stars is not high enough to rate both this application, and the support I got after purchase. When I discovered it didn't quite do what I had bought it for, I expected to be told "tough biscuits" and count it as a loss. Not only did Michael find a way to implement the feature into the application, he extended my license to cover the period that it wasn't 100% suited to what I wanted to do. Absolutely brilliant, I have no hesitation in recommending this---and any other apps by this developer.
  5. they only show if there are actually an alts there, i removed the condition for it, so they will always show now.
  6. JoelR

    No duplicates shown in ModeratorCP

    Is this ... actually going to be fixed though?
  7. Changed Status from Pending to Closed Changed Fixed In to Next Version
  8. Changed Status from Can't Reproduce to Closed Changed Fixed In to Next Version
  9. Changed Status from Pending to Closed
  10. Changed Fixed In to Next Version
  11. its an automated process, i use it as a reminder. i get daily reports on what is open and what has been closed. i just didn't go back into that particular one to open it back up, maybe cause i've been busy lately. when i checked it out when it first came i wasn't able to reproduce it, so it has to be something deeper and at the time i didn't have the time to deal with it.
  12. I don't understand why prior ticket was closed by a Guest. This problem is still outstanding. There are no options to view the duplicate user, and no option to message or delete. https://codingjungle.com/files/sc/186-no-duplicates-shown-in-moderatorcp/?tab=comments#comment-1149
  13. Michael

    RE: Freezing and resets

    Changed Status from Can't Reproduce to Not a Bug
  14. Michael

    RE: Freezing and resets

    it appears fixed in 4.4.5 beta, so i'm gonna revert my "Fix", as 4.4.5 should be out any time.
  15. Michael

    RE: Freezing and resets

    here is a video of me being able to duplicated the error in forums.
  16. Michael

    RE: Freezing and resets

    Okay i got this fixed it will be in the next version. this is a bug with the ips emoji plugin for CKE. I've worked around it for now, but i can't reset the editor fully. so its in a "dirty state", which shouldn't effect much hopefully. I was able to reproduce this bug elsewhere in the suite, like status updates and the warn member form
  17. It is happening all the time on my chat but not on your babble... I have reproduced several times on my chat, also with default skin .. ending a sentence with : and a ) (indicating a smiley), makes the page hang after the next time you try to enter anything...
  18. Michael

    RE: Freezing and resets

    not able to reproduce this one, any additional information as to what you were doing before this would help out.
  19. still this error..
  20. Guest

    Content Counts

    Changed Status from Pending to Closed
  21. its an automatic process, it so it sends me another notification and i can take another look at it incase i've missed it or forgotten about it.
  22. Changed Status from Closed to Pending
  23. "Closed"? Why? No other comments to the issue?
  24. Guest

    Notifications come to ALL moderators

    Changed Status from Pending to Closed
  25. root_library.js.b55bcfaa4eea31309d9c5e4d0b2a170a.js?v=2d0d8dc777:18 This is a browser feature intended for developers. Do not paste any code here given to you by someone else. It may compromise your account or have other negative side effects. front_front_babble.js.4473c322ad767401c6157ca2897b87e9.js?v=2d0d8dc777:55 //www.fjellforum.no/index.php?app=babble&module=view&controller=view&room=1&do=newEntry front_front_babble.js.4473c322ad767401c6157ca2897b87e9.js?v=2d0d8dc777:55 message=%3Cp%3E%0A%09hau%20igjen%0A%3C%2Fp%3E%0A front_front_babble.js.4473c322ad767401c6157ca2897b87e9.js?v=2d0d8dc777:55 //www.fjellforum.no/index.php?app=babble&module=view&controller=view&room=1&do=newEntry front_front_babble.js.4473c322ad767401c6157ca2897b87e9.js?v=2d0d8dc777:55 message=%3Cp%3E%0A%09lite%20kommunetopper%20i%20sverige%20%3Cspan%3E%3A)%3C%2Fspan%3E%0A%3C%2Fp%3E%0A front_front_babble.js.4473c322ad767401c6157ca2897b87e9.js?v=2d0d8dc777:55 //www.fjellforum.no/index.php?app=babble&module=view&controller=view&room=1&do=newEntry front_front_babble.js.4473c322ad767401c6157ca2897b87e9.js?v=2d0d8dc777:55 message=%3Cp%3E%0A%09Rolig%20helg%20der%20og%20Graham%3F%0A%3C%2Fp%3E%0A plugin.js?t=J559:13 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'remove' of null at CKEDITOR.plugins.ipsemoji.cancelEmoji (plugin.js?t=J559:13) at CKEDITOR.plugins.ipsemoji.listenForDestructEvent (plugin.js?t=J559:7) at b.d (ckeditor.js?v=2d0d8dc777:10) at b.<anonymous> (ckeditor.js?v=2d0d8dc777:11) at b.window.CKEDITOR.window.CKEDITOR.dom.CKEDITOR.editor.CKEDITOR.editor.fire (ckeditor.js?v=2d0d8dc777:13) at Object.reset (root_framework.js.0eb4e432dc66e0ebdcf4ad9cf8640e33.js?v=2d0d8dc777:323) at prep (front_front_babble.js.4473c322ad767401c6157ca2897b87e9.js?v=2d0d8dc777:68) at Object.success (front_front_babble.js.4473c322ad767401c6157ca2897b87e9.js?v=2d0d8dc777:86) at i (root_library.js.b55bcfaa4eea31309d9c5e4d0b2a170a.js?v=2d0d8dc777:2) at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (root_library.js.b55bcfaa4eea31309d9c5e4d0b2a170a.js?v=2d0d8dc777:2) Hello Michael I have this error i Console after the freeze. Is that to any help for a fix for this issue?
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