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      4 day weekend   08/16/2017

      Tomorrow, 8/18, is my birthday and i will be taking a 4 day weekend (as monday is the solar eclipse, and i only live a few miles from its path, where we will get 2 minutes 38 seconds of total eclipse. i'm really excited, i've only seen a partial eclipse and i was like 8). so to say the least i will more than likely not be readily available on the 18th or 21st. 

Keyword Tooltip 3.1.1


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About This File


Allows you to define certain key words or phrases which, when used in any of the enable/supported applications, can be hover/clicked over to get a popup with more information which you have defined. This popup can contain whatever content you like, such as term definitions.


  • Any application that uses the content item class (all of IPS applications work)
  • Group Settings to add/delete/hide/edit/change/use html author.
  • Use HTML and BBC in descriptions.
  • Keywords to URL (use a URL instead of a popup).
  • Profile Tab to show contributed keywords.
  • Shows up in activity stream.
  • Keyword lists with filtering.
  • Keyword Statistics
  • Rules App integration (by kevin carwile)

Note: works only with IPS 4.1 (if installed on 4.0, the front navigation will error out). PHP 5.4 minimum (using specific things found in php 5.4+).