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Media 2.0.1


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About This File

Media is the spiritual successor to CJ Media System, this app allows you to create media items from popular video/audio services and allows video/audio upload and playback. 


  • Categories with permissions
  • Services: youtube, dailymotion, soundcloud, vimeo
  • Supports the pulling in of Youtube Channels and Playlist via task, configurable per category.
  • Supported Video Formats: mp4/webM/ogg (this is browser/OS dependent)
  • Supported Audio Formats: mp3/ogg (this is browser/OS dependent)
  • IPS Tag system (if it is capturing url's from content items and the service supports tags, it will grab the tags from the service and use them. this feature can be disabled)
  • Cover Photos. (Video/Audio can have a cover photo, also the supported services that support the player ( youtube, vimeo, soundcloud) )
  • Downloads of audio/video files (this is configured per category and you can limit it to groups)
  • Comments
  • Related Media on media view (this uses the tag system, if it can't find any matches, defaults to search via title name)
  • Most of the core IPS features (ratings, likes, follow, category permissions, group permissions,sharing,etc)
  • Featured Carousel 
  • Latest Media widget
  • If services are configured with their API's enabled, Will captured supported services URL's and created media items from content items ( IPS applications supported*)
  • Limit which apps you capture services url's from, then which category (for the apps that support categories)
  • Twitter Card: Summary. each media item will configure a twitter card for sharing
  • Expandable API to allow more media services to be added