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What notifications are sent out?

Not a Bug 1.0.0

This can include ones that will be released in the next version. I'm more looking to find out when people should/could be notified etc as it will help me determine if I have more suggestions.


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notifications are sent out for the following:

both (email and inline):

  • new cards
  • completed cards
  • new comments

Inline Only:

  • Card history updates 
  • Assignment to card
  • Removed from assignment

new cards get sent everyone following the project,  history and completed cards get sent to followers of the project and card. assignment/unassigned get sent only to that person, the rest get sent to just  who is following the cards.


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only when someone else assigns you,  the notifications should be working like they do in the rest of the suite.  the person triggering them, should be excluded from 'em.

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