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I purchased Babble to replace IP.Chat. I'm not a complete tech novice but I'm lost on a lot of what I need to do. I've installed babble but get -

Babble is not connected to the node server, please contact the administrator!

My site is on the IP.Board cloud package. I don't have access to FTP anymore or know what this node/js is or how to connect to it. Or the 3000 port thingy. In reviews I read that Babble works on the cloud packages, how did you get that info and set that up? Anyone? I have asked invision only to be blown off and referred back to the author of the software.

My community is for mental health support the chat room is important so I feel an immense amount of pressure to get this sorted out and working asap. I don't have time for trials I'm afraid I wanted to get this installed and working before IP.Chat is removed on May 1st.

Have to say I was delighted to find and read about Babble but now I don't know what I'm gonna do

Someone help ?! TIA


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I've responded to this inquiry over on the IPS thread "Babble: Real Time Chat".


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