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    Version 2.6.2


    After purchase, go to Store->Purchases, you will need the license key and your email address that was used when purchased. After installing babble and activating the license, it can take up to 2 hours before use. Babble is a real time chat system using node.js and sockets. It uses less resources and doesn’t rely on long polling or interval scripts to check for new message. Babble is fully featured with those features laid out below. The application will come with the first 3/6/12 month(s) (depending on package purchased) of service. Requirements: requires IPS 4.2 as it uses clubs. A modern browser that supports web sockets. (Firefox/IE11/Edge/Chrome/Safari supports websockets. For mobile browsers, I will only be supporting Safari and Chrome). Babble and the chat service will require a purchase per site and a bi-yearly renewal agreement. If you purchase a copyright removal, Babble will occasional make a call home to http://codingjungle.com to validate the copyright removal key. Copyright Removal keys will need to be purchased for each purchase of babble if you wish to run it on multiple sites without branding. Features: Rooms: Babble comes with two default rooms that can not be removed. The “Babble” room is used by default for Babble, and the Widget Room is used by the “Widget” (the widget can be configured to use the default room). Each room has permissions that can be set like “View, Message, Whisper, Edit, Delete, Upload, and Archives”. Each room also has the ability to be configured independently of each other on uploads (what types and sizes), how many messages to show by default, rules to show before entering the room. Rooms can also have 3 bots they can configure (more on bots later). Rooms can be password protected. Uploads: Each room can be configured to allow uploads. If the upload is an image, the image will be “lazy loaded” and resized to fit the dimensions of the message area better. If it is a non-image upload, it will display a link to download. NOTE: Groups who can see the room, can also download and view images. Sounds: Babble comes with a collection of sounds for send, receive, entering, leaving and whispers. Users can enable or disable each sound as they see fit. The sound files can be replaced at any time in the ACP by pointing to the corresponding sound setting to the new location (this is to avoid future updates from overwriting your sound files). NOTE: due to some limitations in mobile OS’s (iOS and android) even if the sounds are enabled by the user, there is one additional step they must take to hear sounds on the effected OS’s. On mobile devices a Speaker Icon will appear, that will need to be activated to be able to hear sounds, this action must be done each page refresh. Whispers: Whispers are private messages that are sent in between users. They will open in a “tab” in the room and will flash when a new message is received if you aren’t currently active on the tab that is. Whispers only work inside the room, you currently can not “whisper” to some one who is not logged into the room you are in (at a later date this might change). Browser Notifications: A user can set how many new messages they receive in a room before a browser notification is triggered (or they can disable them all together). Currently these do not work on mobile OS’s, in the future I plan on adding notifications for iOS and Android. New Message Order: By default babble will order messages newest to oldest, for some users this might not be ideal, so they can reverse the order to oldest to newest. Any new message after this will honor the setting. Group Content: You can set a min. content count per room for each user group before they can send messages. You can use this feature as a reward to your members for participation on your site. Note: Messages made in babble will not increment content counts. Command Aliasing: you can set any number of aliases to existing/custom commands, this will help if you want to "localize" the commands. Stats - if stats are enabled for a room, you can keep track of basic stats like how many messages have been made in a room, the most online ever in a room, the current day's tally of how many have been in a room, and the top 5 users who make messages in a room. Archive - if enabled, a user can select to load messages previous made in the room. this is a group permission. BOTS: Babble comes with 4 bots, each serve a different function and are triggered in different ways. 3 of the bots can be configured per room, where the 4th bot can be configured to which rooms it sends messages too, as most of its settings are “global”. Hopefully Babble Bots can help you accomplish some pretty amazing things and enrich your users experience with babble. Time Bot: the time bot can be configured per room*. This bot can be configured to send different messages at different times**. You can use HTML/BBC in the bots messages. This bot runs from a task, so its HIGHLY recommend that you have your task configured to run as a cron job to see the best results. If not configured to a cron, this bot might not function properly. * you can configure this bot to store its messages in the database or not. Due to a technical limitation with node.js the bot is unable to check to see if there are any users in the room or not, so instead of having the chat history filled with messages from the time bot, they will “go away” on a page refresh. ** this is in minutes passed since the bot was configured, if you set a message to send every 10 minutes, then the first message will be sent 10 minutes after you configured the bot, and each additional message will be sent 10 minutes after this. Count Bot: This bot can be configured per room. You can configure this bot to send messages after x amount of messages sent by users*. You can also send different messages x amount of messages sent. You can use HTML/BBC and special variables(1) in your messages. * this does not include whispers sent or messages from other bots. Phrase Bot: This bot can be configured per room. You can configure this bot to send messages when a match to a word/phrase is made. You can have multiple matches for the same message or multiple messages for different matches. You can use HTML/BBC and specials variables(1) in the messages. Notifications: This is the bot that has a global configuration. This bot will send messages out when new content is posted to the supported applications*. Permissions are honored on these notifications, so if the user doesn’t have access to to view the area in question, they wont see the notification. This bot can only be configured to tell it which rooms to run in, the rest of its settings are global due to its nature. * IPS applications are the only ones support for notifications. In theory any application that uses the content item class should work, but I have only tested my own application that use this and they will work with it, so I’m pretty sure it will work with the other 3rd party application that use the classes. Babble has some API elements to it that will be document on my site later, so any application it doesn’t support, the application developer should be able to create a hook without much of a problem. (1) There are special variables that the count bot and phrase bot have access to, that can be used in the message, to show the name of the person who triggered, the bot’s name, and the match (this is for the phrase bot only). Bots can use commands, if it the command requires a the members name, use the special variable #member# Commands: Commands can perform special functions when issued. The commands can be issued thru the chat area (similar to how IRC does it). Some commands have group restrictions. You can add commands in 2 ways, in the ACP you can add basic commands , if you need more advanced functionality you can create a “command” file. Commands have been expanded greatly in 2.1, you can now "alias" them and the phrase/count bot can now use commands (the time bot can as well, but it wont have access to the #member# special variable). Command list: Announce – adds or removes an announcement to the room Ban – bans a user for a room. Unban – unbans a user for a room. BanList – Show’s who has been banned from a room. Ignore – Ignore a user in a room. Unignore – Stop ignored a user in a room. Kick – kick a user from a room. Me – an action command for a room. Mute – Mutes a member for everyone in a room. Unmute – unmutes the member in a room. Mutelist – shows a list of users who have been muted. Notifications – disables or enables notifications from the notification bot. Topic – adds or removes a chat topic from a room. Rules - Show the rules for a room if they have them. Password - sets a password for a room Purge - deletes all the existing messages in a room Stats - displays a rooms stats if enabled Rand - display a random GIF from giphy.com and many more! ** there is a 100 user soft limit placed on per site where babble is used. this limit isn't enforced, but if it becomes a commonality and a issue, it will be. if there is a demand for higher limits, i will create additional packages.

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    in its current form, an ajax request wouldn't be enough (as the namespace the socket.io is the room), in version 3 this will be easier to do, so that will be something in 3. right now the easiest thing to do, would be when it is a widget, to have it open in a new tab. yeah, not a bad idea, i'll take it into consideration for version 3.
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    yeah i thought it was the forcing websockets only, but now i am not sure. I've isolated it to it emitting the online list. hopefully i can get it solved soon.
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    wasn't changed, it was fixed
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    not atm, but the basic command works identical to the way they use to. so you could create new command, select "basic". for the content, do something like this: #user# slaps #msg# then for the command help, have /slaps <username> some message so when they did /slaps bob with a big stick it would parse out to: michael slaps bob with a big stick or you can just have the #msg# be the user name and add your own phrase for it: #user# slaps #msg# with a wet noodle so they can do: /slaps bob and it will print out: michael slaps bob with a wet noodle. you don't have to end there, you could always create one where they can insert their own message, and then have predefined ones like /slapFish /slapNoodle, etc. i should add a setting in the commands however, that makes a second parameter a requirement, just thought nothing is stopping them from doing /slaps without a second argument. I'll try get a more detailed guide out for advanced and basic out this weekend (been busy tackling this online list issue that still creeping up).
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    you can send me a copy of the plugin in a PM and i will see what is conflicting and try to fix it
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    a lot of the embeds are iframes, but i'll see what i can do.
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    I will be sending you a PM, please read it. i've setup a babble chat server in amsterdam, that is closer than NYC to you i hope
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    Babble 2.5.0 will be released the next few days. This release is mainly for Commands. A lot of the planned features for commands for 3.0.0 have been backported to 2.5.0, to help fix several issues. mainly cause of confusion when it came to permissions or "quirks" in the previous system that would allow some of the "moderator" commands to be used by everyone or groups that weren't a moderator. Features/Improvements: Custom Commands/included commands and aliases have all been merged. Permissions are now handled per Command (including any added commands). Custom Commands of the basic type found in previous versions can be created, along with more advanced form ones, like the included commands. there will be new guides to explain how to do either. Custom Commands: you will still be able to add your own custom commands. there will be 2 types you have a choice from. Basic, basic works identically to the way the custom commands from previous versions, and advanced. Advanced are php based ones, designed to do more advanced things, all of the included commands are of this type. I will make guides for both of these types, to better explain how they are to be used, and what options are available to you. Aliases: Aliases still exist in this version, but they are now included with the commands. Instaed of one HUGE list of available commands, with their stacks all visible. The Aliases have their own tab within the command. Help: Help has its own tab now inside the command, and will be using translatable, so you can customize the commands help per language you have installed. This is a much needed improvement for babble, hopefully it is a welcomed change . let me know what you think or if you have any questions.
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    it appears broken for me. i can't get access to 2 of the 4 files it says to download and put into uploads (cause the URLS for them are broken). so i can't fully test it i assume. I looked over there hooks, they don't cross each other at any point, so i am at a loss as to what is causing that. i don't make any remote connections with n2a, so i am gonna say cleantalk is trying to make a connection to a server that is refusing the connection.
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    when i install cleantalk and have my local in_dev, i get this error: Whoops\Exception\ErrorException thrown with message "Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; Services_JSON has a deprecated constructor" Stacktrace: #8 Whoops\Exception\ErrorException in /mnt/c/public_html/dev/uploads/JSON.php:115 #7 Whoops\Run:handleError in /mnt/c/public_html/dev/applications/core/modules/admin/applications/plugins.php:958 #6 require_once in /mnt/c/public_html/dev/applications/core/modules/admin/applications/plugins.php:958 #5 eval in /mnt/c/public_html/dev/applications/core/modules/admin/applications/plugins.php:958 #4 IPS\core\modules\admin\applications\_plugins:settings in /mnt/c/public_html/dev/system/Dispatcher/Controller.php:85 #3 IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller:execute in /mnt/c/public_html/dev/system/Node/Controller.php:62 #2 IPS\Node\_Controller:execute in /mnt/c/public_html/dev/applications/core/modules/admin/applications/plugins.php:38 #1 IPS\core\modules\admin\applications\_plugins:execute in /mnt/c/public_html/dev/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php:146 #0 IPS\_Dispatcher:run in /mnt/c/public_html/dev/admin/index.php:13 I'm also disturbed by the fact creates files, JSON.php and cleantalk.class.php in the uploads directory, and they appear to be written with archaic standards (like php 4). they have multiple classes in cleantalk.class.php and various "global" functions. but i registered an account, got a key and "enabled" it (turned in_dev off on my local). i do have n2a installed and i am able to access the activity stream just fine. could you check your system logs in Support, to see if there was anything specifically thrown/caught for n2a or cleantalk?
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    okay, run the IPS Support Tool in your acp under support. it will say it has a patch to fix settings not saving. apply the patch. then go to Babble->configuration->general and click save, it should now resolve.
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    2.4.6 looks awesome with the connection spinner. Thanks.
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    its been a rocky road, but hopefully it is all evened out now .