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    i've edited your previous reply, in the spoiler you will see a line i've marked in red. place it after that one.
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    Media is capable of using the YouTube API to pull in all the videos from a channel or playlist. This is a category option. You can have different categories that pull in different playlist/channels. Step One: Enable the youtube api in settings, and enter in your youtube api key (you can obtain one here). Step Two: Configure user to post as. This is required or the YouTube pull will not be able to be set or run: Step 3: Once you have the settings configured, you can now add YouTube Pulls to your categories. Create a Category and click on the YouTube tab. Click on enable, it will reveal multiple fields. you can enter in a Channel ID, Username, or Playlist ID. (channel id and username will pull in all videos that have been uploaded to them). When you have entered in your username/channel ID/playlist ID, click on save (you can have multiple channels/users/playlist). The task runs once a day to pull in the videos. You can manually run the task if you want to see instant results.