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    I know it might seem like version 3 is a pipe dream, but after a lot of debate, thinking and trying to figure out what i was going to do with it, i've began work on version 3. Its gonna be different than what i've previously shown for babble version 3, it will have some elements lifted from it. but here is a list of some features removed and added into version 3: Removed: Guest Messaging: this was removed cause the code was a bit buggy and was standing in the way of some features i wanted to add in. guest will be able to view the room, but there wont be any settings to allow them to chat. Rooms: well they're not really gone perse, but they act differently. in 2, they were treated as different entities than each other, in 3, they are treated as "channels'. persistent online list: as some of you know the online list has been a bane to my existence for awhile, i had thoughts of removing it completely cause of the issues, but i did a lot of work on it for 2, and have taken what i've learned to 3. in 3, the user list is pulled directly from who is connected at the time when it was connected, in 2 it was a list i tried to maintain and i think that was the problem, trying to keep the list synced. entry/exit notifications: this wasn't really popular with folks, got a lot of complaints about them, so i've decided to just remove them. New: front interface: i really like how the new interface for babble is turning out, it reminds me a lot of chats like slack/discord in the way it functions. new sounds: there will be new sound files, less annoying and softer than the old sounds. whisper history: will show you a list of everyone you have had a conversation with in the past, with showing you their status. Statuses: change your status, if you go idle, automatically sets to away. new bots: there will be several new bots and the way they are configured. Group Chats there will be more news as i finalize the alpha of 3, here is a short video of some of the new features and what version 3 looks like: *note: there isn't the final look, as i have minimal styling atm, as i get all the elements built and changes in the codebase.
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