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  1. It seems the Popular and Featured are not dispaying due to caching issues. Periodically their contents will be null and only a recache of a menu item will restore these fields.
  2. Robert

    Installation Guide

    Promenu uses the same basic steps as all other IPS applications. For further details please go here for more information.
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  4. 1) Download the application. This content will be a compressed file. 2) Extract the contents to your work area. 3) If you have renamed your admin folder on your site for security purposes, you will need to rename the admin folder within this application to match the new folder name. 4) Using either your favorite FTP client or the tools provided by your hosting service (if applicable), upload the files to your sites root folder making sure that you keep the folder structure intact. 5) In your ACP, you will need to goto Application & Modules -> Manage Applications & Modules.
  5. 1) Download the hook. It may be compressed or just a single xml file. 2) If file is compressed, extract the file to your work area. Verify the hook is correct and note the current location. 3) Access your ACP. On the left side you'll see a navigation block. Under Application & Modules you will see Manage Hooks. Click the link. 4) On the top left part of the screen you will see a button that reads Install Hook. Click the button and follow the prompts. 5) After the installation is complete, you will need to set the hooks settings to suit your specific needs. Goto System -> System
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