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  1. Problems with Youtube videos

    Problems with Youtube videos When I set up AdminCP Posting-> General-> Maximum embedded content width = 680px Chat videos do not open ....
  2. Could not do a translation.

    Oops! I could not do a translation. I tried to translate using the translation tools directly in the marked places, but when updating the page back as before, I also tried to search the Key and however I can not, the search returns null. Can you help me?
  3. Babble and IPS 4.2

    Has Babble been tested with IPS 4.2?
  4. Full color palette

    This is just a matter of opinion. If it's good for you. May it be so ...
  5. Full color palette

    If the user does this, it will not be seen. And everyone wants to appear. If the resource is available in forum posts, why not chat? I currently have a chat in the SMF forum with this feature and I have no problems. In this link the current chat -> https://eletronicabr.com/index.php?action=unread
  6. Full color palette

    Full color palette would show
  7. Hide BBCODE

    Hide BBCODE in the typing field gets better The way it looks, it seems like an old app