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  1. This is just a matter of opinion. If it's good for you. May it be so ...
  2. If the user does this, it will not be seen. And everyone wants to appear. If the resource is available in forum posts, why not chat? I currently have a chat in the SMF forum with this feature and I have no problems. In this link the current chat -> https://eletronicabr.com/index.php?action=unread
  3. Full color palette would show
  4. Hide BBCODE in the typing field gets better The way it looks, it seems like an old app
  5. I found out. This SSL configuration in the AdminCP tricked me. Edited the babble.js "use strict"; /** * The port node.js will list for request/responses. Only change this if this port can't be opened, or used by another * application. You will need to update the Node URL in your acp if you do change this. * @type {string} */ var port = '3000'; var privateKey = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'; var sslPrivateKey = '/home/febrcom/conf/web/ssl.forum.eletronicabr.com.key'; //ssl private.key file var sslCertificate = '/home/febrcom/conf/web/ssl.forum.eletronicabr.com.crt'; //ssl certificate.crt file var sslBundle = ''; //ssl ca.cert file, not always required. Solved
  6. I believe it won't be long now. With this test script, worked the NodeJS with SSL. var fs = require('fs'); var https = require('https'); var app = require('express')(); var options = { key : fs.readFileSync('/home/febrcom/conf/web/ssl.forum.eletronicabr.com.key'), cert : fs.readFileSync('/home/febrcom/conf/web/ssl.forum.eletronicabr.com.crt') }; app.get('/', function (req, res) { res.send('Hello World!'); }); https.createServer(options, app).listen(3000, function () { console.log('Started!'); }); The problem is here. I don't know the correct name of the keys.
  7. Trying to install Babble and as expected was not easy at all I have never set up NodeJS and am having difficulties Server Settings: Painel: VestaCP Centos 7 + Apache 2.4.6 + PHP 5.6 I installed the NodeJS # node –v v6.9.1 I opened the tcp 3000 port on the firewall I installed Babble and executed babble.js #forever start /home/febrcom/web/forum.eletronicabr.com/public_html/applications/babble/sources/Node/babble.js warn: --minUptime not set. Defaulting to: 1000ms warn: --spinSleepTime not set. Your script will exit if it does not stay up for at least 1000ms info: Forever processing file: /home/febrcom/web/forum.eletronicabr.com/public_html/applications/babble/sources/Node/babble.js How much access to the chat I got the following error: Babble is not connected to the node server, please contact the administrator! https://forum.eletronicabr.com/babble I believe the problem might be in the "SSL Configuration" I did not understand what values I have to put there. I use LetsEncrypt SSL http:// forum.eletronicabr.com:3000 https:// forum.eletronicabr.com:3000