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    A simple, elegant and effective chat application for IPS. Finally!!! I have used most of the chat room software integrations on the market, including a custom one which I had high hopes for. Long and behold, the best chat software is right here. It works seamlessly with our board and the community are loving it. Excellent support from the developer. Thank you!!!
  1. It would be great to have a post automatically made to a designated forum section (such as a staff forum) upon detection of a duplicate account.
  2. I am currently getting several members evade this system without even trying (one simply re-registered and publicly announced that they are back, yet it didn't register anything in the log), so I am wondering how this might happen? When I used the Xenforo platform there was a similar Mod which operated by installing a cookie on the device, as well as checking if the IP address was duplicated. The option was up to Admin which of these criteria to use. It worked seamlessly for many years. The IPS IP address checker is time consuming and not extremely user-friendly, unfortunately, which is one of the reasons why I began seeking out an add-on like this.
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