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  1. I am strongly disagree with this move; I would like to have full control of my environment and also its services for my community, which is the reason why I chosen the Self Hosted options at the first place. I also update my VPS software stacks on a monthly basis and performed maintenance & cleanup tasks whenever I can so those technical hurdles are not a problem for me. Please give me some better option for my need. My community is based in Thailand and our experience with IPS Chat in the past is quite horrible. So I don't want another SaaS that are not based near our community. Not mentioned about the excessive fee I have to paid rather than support renewal. (which I only used once since I bought the license in 2017) P.S. FYI that NodeJS 11.0 is currently not working with Babble 2.7.4 so I have to downgrade it to 10.13.0. I did this without opening service request to you.
  2. Thank you very much for your hard working. Will see if the latest 2.4.3 version brings more reliability to the Babble.
  3. Hi Michael, I am using the same folder as in Babble 2.4.0 (the folder in IPS that I mentioned in your private support ticket) When I got error after executed "npm update", I firstly use "npm ls" to see if there is any error in the local node_module folder and, as you mentioned in the private support, it was the local node_module from Babble 2.2.8 so it throw out many error and extraneous package. I think that my outdate node_module package and failure to execute full npm update on Babble 2.4.0 is the reason why I got this error. Anyway, I can confirm that running npm rebuild can resolve this issue. Thank you. P.S. I think the Babble online list is now showing correctly. Great work!
  4. I got some error (my apologies; I forgot to capture that error but it was about "folder not exist" for something) after executed "npm update" alone. I use "npm rebuild" first then "npm update" and everything works fine. I will let you know for any further issues. Thank you.
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