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  1. Menu Groups Manager

    I'd like to see enhancements to the mobile menu: the mobile menu should be able to be extensible from up to down (finger slide) the navigation elements must be easily touchable - even for bigger fingers. F.e. set font size, bold, coloring of each element I'd like to see an option for "colored element tiles". I'm talking about a setting to replace elements with custom images in colored squared tiles, like in the "windows 10 mobile" home screen. Bur for custom images, not only for font awesome icons. the whole mobile menu should have the look & feel like a native app
  2. Babble Self Hosted Install Guide 2.4+

    ok, one update: babble.js now starts without errors, the port is also fine. we only have these 2 problems: node server URL with or withour www? Babble still has no connection, but my admin will now restart ALL services.
  3. Phrase Bot pausing function required

    Muchas gracias! This would be awesome, terrific, paramount... ... and silence all the "bot spammers" I don't know how other communities handle this situation, but I just checked the live chat implementation, and we always have spammers, that trigger the bots every 20 messages, and other members go crazy and leave the chat due to this situation. Solution for bot pausing is highly appreciated.
  4. ADDON FOR INVESTIGATION: If I change my real domain name from www.myrealdomain.com/... to www.onlyexampledomain.com/... , it works. So there is any problem with just internal links...
  5. I don't know why, but... # I can insert different links like http://www.amazon.com # I can insert my own forums link http://www.myownforum.com # I can't insert longer links to my own domain, to my own forum like f.e. http://www.myownforum.com/topics/185396-test-topic/?page=2#comment-2264616 -> its impossible to even send this sort of link. Exactly nothing happens if I try to submit/send it. And this happens on my own forum. My members really require to send internal links, obviously I don't see anything wrong that could initiate this behavior!
  6. membernameZ has left the room

    Please close this one. This appears to have been a misinformation by me In my translation file "has left the building" was replaced by "Z"... Don't know how this happened, probably was very late...
  7. Room is the one that appears as a button in the preferences bar. It doesn't show the individual room name, only "Room". If I come to get a better explanation I will tell you. No. In english it's fine, but as soon as you translate, there are spaces missing for babble_new_online -> has entered the room babble_online_count -> user in {{rooms}} babble_online_count_plural -> users in {{rooms}}
  8. Phrase Bot pausing function required

    To enhance this suggestion, this is the very most requested change by my members. I really love the bot ideas and would like to do a lot more with it, but the always repeating bot communication just makes my members trying to bash me for introducing bots.... So additionally to the very highly requested pause function for the phrase bot, there could also be alternative messages, that could be randomly selected... This way, the bot would at least change its responses and deliver some more finegrained variety to artificial communication....
  9. Anonymously logged in members

    I can understand others, but I think in a "chat conversation" (which is much more personal and private than a public forum topic or comment) I should be able to see who is listening secretly as my chat practices and my "use of verbal communication" might change in another team constellation. It's tricky, and this way, others feel they will observed and monitored all the time. I feel as anonymously chatters should be only staff members, or at least a configuration option, in what rooms to show anonymous users, and in what other rooms not. Anyway, thanks for creating the count.
  10. Yes, sorry for the big load of reports and suggestions It would be great if I could do the following: ROOM 1 -> Profanity filter on, Link filter on ROOM 2 -> Profanity filter on, Link filter off
  11. My members would like to see images directly. It's a nice idea to hide pictures for the discussion flow but it affords additional clicks that annoys some of my members if they talk a lot about pictures. There should be an option to turn it on or off. Or if the spoiler is only used, if an image or video is in size beyond.. XYZ dimension.
  12. I can configure it to send every 100 minutes a bot message, but I can't configure it to display at midnight or exactly at 4pm tea time This would be a great plus.
  13. Unbranding / copyright removal

    I can remove the main copyright notice, that's ok, but I want to remove all "babble" mentions. F.e. via friendly URL rewrite settings I can change the babble directory for the standard room. So far so good. But if I enter another room with the room--?? command, it forces to use the standard /babble directory path. Also in some situations with the time bot or the count bot, the bot message sender is sometimes "babble"
  14. There should be an option to show the rules message for a room just before the password field.
  15. And please let me remove the mouse pointer in the "send" button