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    babble ipad mini

    I know. But not all our users are that savvy to change it on their own. I hope this bug will be fixed soon.
  2. Joriz

    babble ipad mini

    Thanks for your analysis. Can you share a patch or what needs to be changed in the code? Most of our forum members find in very frustrating that the chat doesn't order like any other chat such as Discord or WhatsApp. So I hope this can be fixed soon.
  3. Joriz

    babble ipad mini

    Reverse order does work in 2.8.4 but the global setting in the ACP seems to be ignored @Michael Can it be fixed that the global 'reverse order' setting from ACP is actually being used? I can reproduce this to start chatting with a new user or when I delete a current user in the 'ibf_babble_members' table.
  4. Great to hear that the self hosting service will be continued. We will continue to use it because it is a great product.
  5. Sad to hear the self hosted version is (almost) end of life. I understand that the self hosted version is a bit technical, but for us it is essential due to privacy concerns and EU privacy laws. I hope the self hosted version keeps existing with (minimal) updates.
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