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  1. Alas not. I've sent a reply.
  2. Perfect... I was just about to tell you 😉
  3. Well, four hours later and it's still not working. still getting the same message. Any ideas? Many thanks!
  4. Update... I've now upgraded to version 2.8.4 and re-entered the license details but still get: You've been disconnected from Babble, please refresh and try again! when trying to access the room. I went to the license page in the app and the details were blank, so I have re-entered and saved them and will now wait patiently for two hours with fingers firmly crossed... D.
  5. Hi, I upgraded to version 4.4.4 of the Invision software on Sunday. Today I found out that nobody has been able to access the chat room since Sunday. I assume the two are linked... When visiting the chat room I get an error message: I assume this is an authentication or licensing problem so have just clicked the button to re-authenticate, but apparently that can take two hours. And if it's not that, it may be something else. Is it normal to have to re-authenticate after updating the core Invision software? I'm on Babble 2.7.6 My site is at http://forum.stockingshq.com Best wishes David
  6. DBSHQ

    Babble not working on ipads

    Excellent news. I've posted a message in our forums to see if there's more information, but I think it may just be a case of waiting longer for it to load. They're all still absolutely ecstatic with Babble though - they absolutely love it! D
  7. DBSHQ

    Babble not working on ipads

    Mine is an iPad mini 4. I'll find out which versions etc... Sorry - I should have done that first.
  8. DBSHQ

    Babble not working on ipads

    Good point. I assumed Safari, but I just tested on mine and it seemed okay apart from the user list - screenshot attached. I'll follow up on the thread and ask them.
  9. DBSHQ

    Babble not working on ipads

    Hi, There seems to be a general problem with Babble not working for our users on ipads: http://forum.stockingshq.com/index.php?/topic/42862-chat-room/ Any thoughts? Best wishes and many thanks! David
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