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  1. peopleandchat

    Babble 3 Poll - Service Notifications

    In the image you see were the topic is shown under the gallery. In the setting section can we add box to add a "Description" section of the chat room? Were you see the arrow, it has a blue back around behind the text. Can we have a option to change it to black? purple? over what ever text color is pick from. I pick green text but want that blue box turn to purple? Also I looked over your bots :D, idea what one would be a good idea to use for a quiz bot style of chat?
  2. peopleandchat

    Babble 3 Poll - Service Notifications

    4.) Allow to change what order we can have the rooms in the list. As of now you can't change what order, as they are just placed a in a spot when they are made. 5.) When shown in the forums any way we can add a short description under the chat room name shown?
  3. peopleandchat

    Babble 3 Poll - Service Notifications

    Would like to ask for few features if able, 1.) In settings join limits for members, making full rooms happen. 2.) When rooms becomes full, still allow options for admins or mods to join these rooms. 3.) Color text and or back around colors for users to pick from? Not sure if any of these options are easy to set in the code.... I see you wanted too add more options to bots? Can we do a quiz bot that can be turn on or off?
  4. peopleandchat

    Babble Chat Service

    Yes, indeed great update! Thanks for all great work will continue to support this project.
  5. peopleandchat


    Hello, I found it very easy to install. If your having problems setting up the server to run it then this could be for you! I made my droplet from digital ocean. Made one click app with mean and hand install LEMP server. Very easy and takes less then 15 minutes of your time. Then you don't have to mess with installing nodejs or other apps you may want in the near future! I will be doing 3 video guide how set up the servers, installing IPB and babble server.
  6. peopleandchat

    Version 3 so far part 3

    Any updates to the v3 project?
  7. peopleandchat


    What would be the next step if this fails to work correctly? Are you able to free openly share your vhost settings? ufw port? and or do I need to set nodejs to listen to port? https://codingjungle.com/tutorials/babble/
  8. peopleandchat


    If both were installed lamp and nodejs side by side and you had access to run two IP's rerouting them to use different IP's work?
  9. peopleandchat


    I support your product 100%. But I did like 9 different guides to get the port 3000 to work but could not. Not your fault as the cong end is on our part for setting the server up. I added a few extra posts didn't know if anyone else could post on here or not or just you. I'm grateful for any help you have offered me thank you. 😎
  10. peopleandchat


    Can close topic I ended up hiring someone off upwork to install LAMP and NODEJS server with SSL on port 3000. I have walk tho if anyone is interested for digitalocean droplet server set up only! Shows as topic above install LAMP and NODEJS server with SSL on port 3000.
  11. peopleandchat


    Well i did manage to get this to work http://www.peopleandchat.org:3000/ But wont work with https://www.peopleandchat.org:3000/ sudo ufw allow 3000 and did apache2 reverse proxy guide.
  12. peopleandchat


    Hey thanks for the heads up I been trying SO HARD! Looking at the many guides to get babble to work with nodejs! I got nodejs install and working but can't get nodejs to web with url so people can see the apps. Do you know of any good guides how to set up a proxy for nodejs on apache so users can access nodejs tho url? I see alot of them trying to use port 8080.
  13. peopleandchat


    Hello Need help in configuring different servers as one has the lamp and board. Other just has node js and apache2. I'm having problem trying to bring node to apache 2. So babble can use URL and need port. You still do one install ?
  14. Can you add me on to your support or what i need to message you so I can be added to your support list? Need you to check my lamp / nodejs. As it wont connect to the server. 

    1. Michael


      https://codingjungle.com/tracker/babble/  for right now this is the support area for all my products bought offsite, if purchased here, you can use the ticket system found in support.