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  1. SMen

    Strange New User Group Issue

    I have tried multiple times. I even copied the Members group to a new group and the result was the same: No user list and no text entry area. Short of reauthorizing the server? Perhaps the groups need to be registered somehow and don't update automatically when added or deleted (on the server end)? Considering I can only troubleshoot from my end, there is no variance between the existing user groups and the newly created groups in regards to setup or permissions. I don't allow guests in chat, and I think you may have disabled that regardless, but what would allow an user to view the chat, but not participate?
  2. SMen

    Strange New User Group Issue

    Is there any progress on this? It is still an issue. I see the status has changed, but there has been no word?
  3. SMen

    Babble Version 3 Update

    I know this thread is aging, but out of curiosity... Why not use IPS to add the chat count on the Board menu and to create a "Who's in Chat" widget similar to "Who is Online"? I keep hearing that the primary issue is with the chat server, but IPS will tell you 1) is the user online and 2) is the user running the chat application. Wouldn't that take the burden off the babble app and give info outside of being inside of chat? As far as a "who is online or in the Room/Channel" within chat.... I agree with the others, it's a must. Clicking for the pop-up is acceptable, I suppose.... but it takes away from the stream-lined effect/comfort/ease of the application.
  4. SMen

    Strange New User Group Issue

    Given the lack of response... I reinstalled the babble application. That did not fix the problem. Some attention would greatly be appreciated. There are no issues with the IPS software, all is up-to-date. All original groups are working fine. Permissions (within babble, per room) for this new user group are the same as they are for the standard Member group... yet all the group can do with Babble is view the chat room.
  5. SMen

    Strange New User Group Issue

    Hello Michael, I added a new user group and have been testing with a couple users. The only option afforded to this user group within chat is the rooms list icon (assuming they have access to more than one room). No Settings, no pop-out, and no text entry area. They can view private and public texts, but cannot respond (due to no text entry area). I've turned off permissions, reapplied them, re-cached.... Is there something that I am simply missing and/or forgetting to do? I have not tried reinstalling the application as of yet. Please advise. Thanks!
  6. SMen

    users stuck in chat

    The upgrade/restart of the service cleared the 9 stuck users. I'll follow and keep you apprised if I see anything out of the ordinary. Hoping that it did! Thanks!
  7. SMen

    2.6.7 Broke Chat

    2.7.1 made same problem on my dev server. License/Region disappear from CP. I can't test chat on the Dev server, so not sure whether it worked or not.
  8. SMen

    2.6.7 Broke Chat

    Had to revert back to 2.6.6. Update broke chat room. Region selection disappeared from CP as well. No connections could be made.
  9. SMen

    users stuck in chat

    Any luck with this Michael? I'd like to move back to the NA server. I moved to the EU server on the 17th and every time I try to go back to NA, 9 phantom users are added back into the room. I'm sure you have plenty on your plate with 4.3 upgrades etc, but seems like there should be some sort of solution for this even if it is a service reset every X hours? Thanks for all you do.
  10. SMen

    users stuck in chat

    Okay Michael, If you say so. Not sure how they can be there if they are not on the site. The timeout for Babble is less than the timeout for the site. But since I really don't know how either Babble of Invision handles sessions, I have to rely on your and their expertise. I never had users stuck in any other chat services before, and I have tried most of them. Your product fits best. While it may sound like I am being critical, I am actually just reporting information as seen from my end. It is also my perception that the "User List" is a real thorn in your side.... but to your customers and our users... the chat would be worthless without it.
  11. SMen

    users stuck in chat

    I know you don't want to deal with this issue, made changes with the last update, more to come with the next (whenever that is)... But, I still have users stuck in chat... some for days. currently the oldest is from Friday at 8:30am, it's Monday, 11:45pm. There are 4 that I can see for sure that are a day or more and still showing in chat, but not online. I'm glad to be patient if I have knowledge that there is a resolution down the road. I simply don't know how to answer my users inquiries/complaints and simply have to say that it is a "known" issue and will be corrected in a future release. sorry. Honestly, looking for some update/dialog on what is happening with the new version and the future in general.... not much current news here. I appreciate what you do, and I am sure it will only get better. Thanks
  12. SMen

    Ignore/Unignore Issue

    I had an user report that he accidentally ignored another user. So he unignored the user. But, every time he came back into the room, that user was ignored again. I logged in and tested and found the issue to be valid. Using the /unignore command however permanently removed the ignore. Given that, I changed the permissions on the command to allow all members to use it... I had previously left it available to mods and admins only as it is tagged as a "moderator" command (and I am unsure why). Anyway... Clicking on the user and choosing "Unignore" is not working properly.
  13. SMen

    users stuck in chat

    Curious about this.... I have an user that has been stuck in the default chat room for over 24 hours now.....
  14. SMen

    Menu Bug

    ACP > Menu Manager Selecting users that can see the Babble/Chat menu item has no effect. Guests and my banned and inactive member groups can see the menu item even though they are not allowed. Clicking through reveals the error message that they are not allowed to see the default room.
  15. SMen

    Hidden Users