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  1. SMen

    EU and NA Down

    Seems that both EU and NA Servers are down?
  2. SMen

    Babble Version 3 Update

    I know this thread is aging, but out of curiosity... Why not use IPS to add the chat count on the Board menu and to create a "Who's in Chat" widget similar to "Who is Online"? I keep hearing that the primary issue is with the chat server, but IPS will tell you 1) is the user online and 2) is the user running the chat application. Wouldn't that take the burden off the babble app and give info outside of being inside of chat? As far as a "who is online or in the Room/Channel" within chat.... I agree with the others, it's a must. Clicking for the pop-up is acceptable, I suppose.... but it takes away from the stream-lined effect/comfort/ease of the application.
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