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  1. Custom sounds

    I would like to be able to offer a group of sounds that are available to certain members to use. From what I can tell, there is no way to do this with the native chat application, but I was wondering if this was possible using a custom command? Could I do something as simple as creating a custom command like: Command: sound FILENAME Code: <audio controls autoplay> <source src="http://www.example.com/path/to/#msg#.mp3" type="audio/mpeg"> </audio>
  2. Custom Commands

    I'm trying to make use of the custom commands, but I think I'm missing a permission somewhere. I've created a custom command, but each time I try to activate it, I receive the message "You cannot use the Custom command". If I try even another basic command like /b, it returns an error as well. Here's my settings: Babble > Configuration > General > Layout All member groups have access to the basic commands like /b, etc. Members > Groups > Babble Admin group given permission to everything, including my custom command name. Am I missing another location where command permissions are set?
  3. Pop Out Height

    Hey there! I've managed to install node.js, configured the firewall to work with it (including changing the port to one supported by Cloudflare), and have done basic skinning to make it integrate more cleanly with my site. I'm now at the point where I'm doing tweeking to complete the integration before rolling it out. I'm using ArrowChat today, and it has a popout option that allows users to resize the window. (Maybe go full screen, etc.) When I popout the chat room, I can resize the window and the width is responsive, but I can't do anything with the height. Is there any way to make the height of the chat area responsive to the height of the available view port?
  4. Questions about Babble Chat

    Hi Michael, As you've most likely seen over the last few days, I've been playing around with Babble Chat. I'm currently using Arrow Chat, but there are many things I dislike about it and looking to change. As a result of playing around with the site so far, I have a couple of questions if you don't mind: Can the time stamp within the room be set to display an actual time (such as 10:24 PM) instead of a relative time? [FEATURE REQUEST] It would be awesome if we could toggle showing the time on or off. (Maybe use JS to show/hide based on preference setting like Enter/Exit notifications?) Can we style the room output? (Such as having message and name be on a single line. Something like “[10:00 PM] Name: This is a message” in addition to just adjusting the colors via CSS.) [FEATURE REQUEST] Are there plans to work on any mobile specific themes? (It would be nice to have larger touch style buttons for touch displays, etc.) Is there any way to potentially use the WYSIWYG editor for chat input? Wrapping each individual message in BBcode is a PITA. -- This is honestly my biggest gripe about the product currently. I remember reading the first two rooms must be kept or are required. Can we set them so no member group has permission to see them and create new rooms so that we don’t have to mess with the “protected” rooms? (Essentially have 10 rooms, but only show 8 hiding the two "system rooms" from the world.)