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    Totally in love with Babble 3. What a nice app for chat!!! Thank you!
  1. Steph40


    Babble 3 works like a charm, thank you for this.
  2. Steph40

    Store link smaller screen

    The store link get on top of the downloads title on smaller screen. https://imgur.com/w7bS14x
  3. So I guess Babble self hosted 2.7.4 is the last.
  4. Steph40

    Death in the family

    Sorry to hear that. Condolences.
  5. 2.4.6 looks awesome with the connection spinner. Thanks.
  6. Thank you for upgrade, appreciate your work.
  7. And that's ok, don't need to fix something that is not broken But new they are I didn't really use keywords like I wanted to anyways, wanted use it to sponsor some keywords but my community is too small for now. Might be nice to link keywords to commerce for that instead of doing it manually, just a thought. Thanks
  8. Keywords - untested --- Causes an error when editing members groups. Downloads plus - no, new version soon -- Looking forward for that one to be.
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