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  1. Death in the family

    Sorry to hear that. Condolences.
  2. Upgrade to 2.5.0

    Got it, the issue is with Fosters Linkfavicons. https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8729-linkfavicon/
  3. Upgrade to 2.5.0

    Well not done yet, I will try more tomorrow, little tired today and beer goes down easy. I will get back to you and if I can't figure it out I will send acp access if you want.
  4. Upgrade to 2.5.0

    Darn it I always get the weird ones. Is there any issues if I keep using 2.4.6 for a bit?
  5. Upgrade to 2.5.0

    Does not work with default theme either.
  6. Upgrade to 2.5.0

    and yes using taman behemoth
  7. Upgrade to 2.5.0

    will try that.
  8. Upgrade to 2.5.0

    reverted to 2.4.6
  9. Upgrade to 2.5.0

    I honestly don't see anything in my logs. weird.
  10. Upgrade to 2.5.0

    Updated to 2.5.0 last night but I get an error 500 since, had to deactivate it. Will check logs when I get back home.
  11. Cleantalk and N2A

    That is weird, I get nothing in my logs but when loading the activity stream I get: Error 502 Ray ID: 3a0e204d19c23fbf • 2017-09-19 17:04:48 UTC Bad gateway
  12. Cleantalk and N2A

    There seem to be a conflict between N2A and the cleantalk plugin. https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/7706-anti-spam-ips4/?sort=newest&tab=reviews#review-10893 When using cleantalk and N2A, users can't access the activity stream. I know it is a free app, just letting you know, whatever you do is good since it is free Also contacted cleantalk so we will see. Cheers.
  13. Babble Chat Service

    2.4.6 looks awesome with the connection spinner. Thanks.
  14. Babble Chat Service

    Thank you for upgrade, appreciate your work.
  15. Search bar

    No none of yours caused it. It was server side. I rebuilt it from scratch and it is fine now, at least till next time I try to optimize it. Looking forward for next version of cjmenu, will it be v5 or still v4?