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  1. College Business Club

    Feedback on Strategem

    Suggestions: 1 1. The box highlighting should be consistent no matter what color is used. Right now the blue highlight is white, and the green highlight is grey. The input box should include a tooltip to indicate the purpose of the box. As it stands now it might not be obvious to everyone that they should click on that area of the screen to create a new card. Maybe you could simply replace the plus symbol with the words: "Create New Card". 2. There should be a little more space between the title "Bugs/Gremlins" and the input box. 3. When there is no (1) as indicated by the arrow, push down the first card to line up with the other cards
  2. College Business Club

    Feedback on Strategem

    I would suggest adding another Project Type to the list: Anonymous There may be times where it may prove beneficial if the participants (maybe even the person creating the project as well) identity remain hidden. That way all input can be judged solely on its merits and not based on who made it. This might encourage more "thinking out of the box" and more engagement by all of the participants.
  3. College Business Club

    Duplicate Mesages

    Internet Explorer and Edge show multiple copies of each message sent. See Screenshot 1 and 2 for examples. Opera, Chrome and Firefox show just one message as expected, see Screenshot 3. I tested this scenario out on IPB v4.2.3 and 4.2.4 Beta with the same results.