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  1. Are you aware that as a guest - you could see a red number in the menu on how many members in the chat, but that is only on the EU server.. Is'nt that strange?
  2. Hello Michael I use the latest version - the eu server is not responding for us this evening..
  3. In chat here on thsi site we can't see what we are shouting. Might be a permission set wrong somewhere?
  4. Still one member stuck in the us server..
  5. it was restarted last night, are they still "stuck" in it? out of curiosity, is this stuck user a random user always or is it the same one? Yes - still stuck so I use the EU server. It varies who get stuck..
  6. I do not know how other admins use Babble, but I use only one chatroom. Maybe you could have a check around to see how many admins using more than one chatroom? Anyway - I would like to see "Users" instead of "Rooms". Maybe have a selector of any kind there. I understand the technical part of the online list. I have one user stuck inside a chatroom on the USA server right now. Maybe have a restart of the service once a day?
  7. OK - yeah - it seems to do the job. Good idea. People would miss the ability to see who's inside the rooms as they tend to drop in and out all the time. In the native IPS app (old one), I think it was possible to have a block that showed who was inside the room. Could you add this information In a block we could have at the bottom? Or in the sidebar?
  8. Looks great. I would like to see a invite command that could send an invitation via IPS notifications to users not in Babble but on the board. Is that possible? Another thing. The users inside each room need to be displayed ... or at least we need the option to display it on the sidebar as today?
  9. Kjell Iver Johansen


    Thats why I use only stock IPs themes. My users are oldtimers and like it simple..
  10. Kjell Iver Johansen


    Their cute - the cats :). Congrats with upgrade - all seems OK. I have upgraded 1 out of my 3 sites.
  11. Hello Michael. Just a suggestion to Babble settings. Would it be possible to have an autopurge at a given time? I notice that people talk until abt 01-02 at night and then leave. I don't wan't the chatters entering the room next day to read what they wrote the evening before..
  12. Great to see. Did you also fix the trial version? I torally forgot abt the versioning so I tested 2.2.5 og the trial settings, but that did not work anyway we could wait..
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