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  1. Notifications

    Ahh,, always something new This evening the old Babble stopped working (the trial), so I had to upgrade my main forum to 4.2. Went smoothly - just waiting for the licence key to syncronize there also..
  2. Notifications

    When I write /Notifications It just displays you can not use the notifications command in black box... Something in my settings?
  3. Notifications

    It seems like the /Notifications command are not working. I tried to enable Notifications in the room - but still it was not working. Anyway - no big deal..
  4. Enable stats

    When I try to enable Stats - it does not seem to enable. But seem to enable if I also Disable online list..
  5. Number of users

    The numbers of users inside the chat are not displayed correctly for users that is not in the chat. is is no number at all. So the number is correct, but it is not displayed to others? May be a startup-hickup? some thing I could look at? The numbers are also not 100%
  6. length of diplayed name

    I have some small stuff I like to "report" - bug or not.. Could we have the namelength a little longer?
  7. Babble connect to node.js

    Thanks - It seems to work perfect now! Great
  8. Babble connect to node.js

    Hello I just installed the new service - I get a message saying - second time I type.. Babble is not connected to the node server, please contact the administrator! Node URL is and I use my own emailadress.. Any clue to where to look? https://codingjungle.net
  9. Upgrade

    Thats why I use only stock IPs themes. My users are oldtimers and like it simple..
  10. Upgrade

    Their cute - the cats :). Congrats with upgrade - all seems OK. I have upgraded 1 out of my 3 sites.
  11. Suggestion: Purge messages at given time

    Yes - great.
  12. Suggestion: Purge messages at given time

    Hello Michael. Just a suggestion to Babble settings. Would it be possible to have an autopurge at a given time? I notice that people talk until abt 01-02 at night and then leave. I don't wan't the chatters entering the room next day to read what they wrote the evening before..
  13. New Messages Do Not Auto Scroll From the Bottom in Mobile

    Great to see. Did you also fix the trial version? I torally forgot abt the versioning so I tested 2.2.5 og the trial settings, but that did not work anyway we could wait..
  14. New Messages Do Not Auto Scroll From the Bottom in Mobile

    Yes. I have my users complaining about the same issue
  15. Error wiith babble

    Thanks Michael. I had to abandon using my own server so this can be closed. I will need to use babble service trial in stead