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  1. Number of users

    Still seems to be some problems with the numbers... Ctrl - F5 restores everything fine though
  2. the /purge command

    OK - no problem. Was that changed in the last version? You can just close it BTW
  3. the /purge command

    Previously the purge command did not delete or purge the messages for the users in the chat, but after the latest release a purge also blanks the screen for the users inside tha chat. Is that intended?
  4. Slap command

    This is just a minor suggestion and nothing important, but most of my users are old Mirc users, and are used to the /slap command - that give like "kjiver slaps michael around with a big trout" or something like that. I can't find out how to write my own commends- do you have a guide for that? BTW tha european server works fine for us..
  5. Suggestion - embed

    When someone post a video or attachment it automatically fits in the window. Like when I like to see the video from YT - I need to scroll up and down to se the embed..
  6. Babble could not connect, try again later.

    Well yeahh. I'm not sure abt my observations.. We are a long way from your server.. might be something there..
  7. Babble could not connect, try again later.

    It seems like there is a pattern that ALL users are thrown out when I or a Moderator (they are the only one with access) press the Load More button. At least it has happend twice this evening. Also - more people with Ipad or Ipad minis are dropping out just only them, not the others.. I'm not sure about these observations at all. Is there any settings in ACP for babble you would like me to try out? BTW: a positive aspect abt this is that we always have something to chat abt in babblechat..:)
  8. Babble could not connect, try again later.

    Sometimes more often - sometimes more seldom... Sometimes it happens to all users in the chatroom, sometimes only one or two.. Sometimes it happens with 5 second between, sometimes it is 2-3 hours... theres no pattern
  9. Babble could not connect, try again later.

    I think you need to reopen this bug, because we have some major issues concerning the chatservice. Really often we are thrown out of the chat room. It is kind of hard to explain, but it seems to happen to all users at the same time. The onlinelist disappear (the icons on the right), and the when we try to write, there is this all so familiar Could not connect to node.js. When refreshing it is all good. Do you have any errors on your setup on the server you are using that runs node.js?
  10. When loosing connection

    I just noticed that I posted this in the wrong section- should be in Babble Service
  11. When loosing connection

    Yes. We experience that nothing happens in the chat. seems like everybody is silent. Then the user beleive that nobody is saying anything, and after 5-10 minutes - if they reload the page, they notice that there has been a lot going on and they missed the converastion. There is no warning abt connection lost..
  12. When loosing connection

    Me and my users are experiensing drop-outs in the service. Not for a long time, but during an eventing it happens a few times. This is not a big problem as long as the user know about it. Would it be possible to have a text showing to users when connections is lost? If not - could it be a solution to have the /reload command accesible via some kind of a button?
  13. Missing a setting for Purge

    Seems like all chatters are able to delete from database with /purge? Can't find that setting anywhere
  14. Connecting

    You can close this. We need to delete cache on the forum to get it to work..
  15. Connecting

    I just upgraded to 2.4.6 btw and saved..