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  1. Babble Poll 3: Guests

    It was very difficult to answer that question correctly! For me you can just remove chat for guests..
  2. users stuck in chat

    Both of the users are now OK. When it happened they was in a mountain hut with bad connection - dropping in and out all the time because of bad phoneconnections.
  3. users stuck in chat

    Hello Michael - Hope everything is well I have 1 user that is stuck in the chat on both locations - even if he is not there. On the other location I have 2 users that is stuck there. Impossible to kick them as well. Might bee needed for a restart there?
  4. How's it going?

    Thats great news I just noticed that you where missed in your support-topic Invison board
  5. The NA server is down

    The Eu server is down at the moment @Michael
  6. URL with foreign letters

    The fix caused the chat not to work.. So I had to reinstall.. :)I can wait, but there is something wrong
  7. URL with foreign letters

    Topic with a letter æøå is not working in the babble chat. I also tested on this site.. I.e Greenland is spelled Grønland in my language, and the link is not working in the chat.. https://www.fjellforum.no/forums/topic/43981-grønland-utstyr/
  8. The NA server is down

    No problem.. Since the latest release the chat has been very stable, and my users are very happy with it.
  9. The NA server is down

    Good morning. I Notice that the North American server is not working. This sites chat is also down. Regards
  10. unstable

    I have checked my logs and as far as I can see everyone was happy last night. I will update here if anything changes
  11. unstable

    I've been changing back and forth, and that might be the reason the stats are broken. Anyway no problem. I have no problem if you close the Eu server, but personally I like the ability to change server in case a server is down for whatever reason, so an alternative could be great.
  12. unstable

    Strange. I just checked my /stats, and it shows 48 users online at the most. Is that concurrent logged in users? Be aware that there something else fishy with the stats. Even though most of them was active last evening the date is wrong. Might be something with the servers? I notice myselve are correct because I wrote in the chat now on the latest release
  13. unstable

    That is great News . Last saturday evening the us server was throwing us out every minute. We then changed to EU and since that all OK. Will check out new version
  14. unstable

    ok.. I will not use it then. seems like the chat is oki now - thanks
  15. unstable

    The europe server was extremely unstable now. Every minute I was thrown out. Changed over to US now. I give some of my moderators access to scp just so they can alter server