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  1. Hello Michael I can tell you in detail what happened. I was on 2.8.10 and the latest IPS release. Babble worked nice for us, and older members, but not new members. They complained they could not see editor. Came a lot of members into the chat with saying a word. I logged in as them and they where right. Deleted cache and all that on serverside as well. Then I installes 2.8.11 - all was the same. Then i tried the plug-in , on and off, and all was the same. Deleted cache and everything as usual. Then one of the old chatters also lost editor, and then I disabled Babble. This is how i looked I'm now testing another chat solution, so I might be abandoning Babble. We have been extremely happy with it BTW. Regards and take care Kjell Iver
  2. Kjell Iver Johansen

    No editor

    Hello - I have a rather big problem with Babble. There is no editor. Been trying the plugin you made https://codingjungle.com/files/sc/204-login-error-because-of-babble/?tab=comments
  3. They confirm that you are right. Must be an Apple issue then.. I certainly can confirm i drop out all the time on Apple. There is support for split screen on the latest versions. But cant find if that is a browser setting somewhere.
  4. It is the same on android. Kind of strange that this is not mentioned of others..
  5. Hello- my users complain that they can not go to another window in chat when on iPad or phone. This is very annoying because they leave the room every time they choose another tab. Is IT possible to have some time there before auto leave.?
  6. No Try in your chat to type and then something else... The smiley then comes last in the sentence..
  7. Kind of strange - seems to be working as intended now...Thanks for your detailed video. It might be that they just type it quick and does not select the username when it appears
  8. Hello again - I notice that on the latest version smileys are not "rendered" in the chat. It is also like that on your chat here I noticed
  9. Hello Last night I noticed that when using mention, you need to use same lettersize in the beginning of an mention. If I use @m here it gives @Michael as an option, but on the babblechat you need to have correct, so there you need to have @M . I would suggest the same behaviour here, or even better: When using @ in the chat, only users in the chat is listed - not all on the board..
  10. Kjell Iver Johansen

    Arrow up - working

    I'm not sure, but is arrow up working for editing messages on latest release?
  11. Thanks for your hard work! Really appreciate it. Been really busy here. I like the imagehandling very much!
  12. I have used t before without any hick-ups. As of now I can't access the chat from edge at all.. must be something on my side then.. When I pasted an image into the chat on edge the image and text was mingled together.. Yes - it does not look pretty.. because when someone attach an image it takes the hole page.. It is kind of difficult to scroll above the image everytime someone post an image
  13. Is anyone else having trouble using commands - like /purge? It is just a spinning wheel. I use chrome.. Also I notice - when copying an image in MS edge into the chat - the image is displayed behind the text.. Would it be possible to autoscale images that are posted in the chat? (several questions there)
  14. It is happening all the time on my chat but not on your babble... I have reproduced several times on my chat, also with default skin .. ending a sentence with : and a ) (indicating a smiley), makes the page hang after the next time you try to enter anything...
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