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  1. To save space and condense, have you considered consolidating messages when the same user posts 2 or more times in a row? Example, currently its like this: Person 1: Hi Person 1: How are you? Person 1: Anything new? Person 2: Hello! What about instead it would be like: Person 1: Hi How are you? Anything new? Person 2: Hello! It may not seem like much space saved at first glance, but for each message with how it currently is, there is an avatar for each message, and the line-height of each one, etc. When condensed it would only show t
  2. Looking good Michael. Very excited for version 3 and these new features.
  3. Sounds good, please let me know if there is anything I can help with. Really looking forward to these changes! Thank you for all your continued hard work.
  4. For another tab, I'm assuming you mean the chatbox itself, instead of a new browser tab. If so, then yes, that could work. I'm unsure of how your code works as i haven't dug into it too much, so if that's the easiest solution than by all means. I just figured you could do an ajax refresh or something of the chatbox area only. As for multiple clubs, if the fear is the list becoming too large for the rooms a nice work around would be to have a /join command. /join "General", /join "Trading Nexus" or something like that. For either of these suggestions, if it is helpful, I
  5. Loving the Chat Service so far. I do have a few recommendations though. The main thing I'd like to see addressed is when switching rooms. Currently I have Babble at the bottom of several pages, one of which is a game I've integrated with my forum. When switching rooms, I am navigated away from the game page and taken to the babble page. This is of course undesirable as the Chat box on the game page is a huge favorite. Is there anyway we can fix this? The second thing I'd like to see is club chat rooms to be accessible from ANY chat widget and not just on the clubs
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