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  1. TDBF

    Quick Search Template

    Hi Michael, Much appreciated and thank you for your time on this matter. Oh most definitely, I have worked for some of the most demanding employers, clients and open source people you can meet, so I do understand the difference between needs and wants. However, I do understand that sometimes we developers are reluctant to change and sometimes we don't see what others do because we are too deep in the code. As I said before, I only put these forward because I believed they could be issues or bugs which required attention and could be addressed. I won't take it personal if you
  2. TDBF

    Quick Search Template

    No, but trust me I have dealt with much worse over my last 30 years in development 😂 Thank you for the explanation, I personally disagree with you (as a developer myself), but as you are the developer of the software I will respect your decisions, and as I previously pointed out, I will make modifications to the templates and CSS now that I know what is what. However, This is a bug: This is what happens when your application is first installed and there are no 'MGM' menu's or the "Remove Primary" option disabled. If I install this application on my live site, then no one can r
  3. TDBF

    Quick Search Template

    I'm sorry mate, but you seemed to have changed on this, firstly it was because this is the way it is done by IPS and now it is because you choose to do it this way? Personally, if I where doing this and I was replacing the default menu, then I would have made it look as it was as the default out of the box and let the theme merchants worry about their own code later. (To me, the way you do it looks bugged right out the box and I would expect a like for like look as the customer). Fine, if that is the way you want to do this, I will just have to modify the code on each update (which
  4. TDBF

    Quick Search Template

    And this the theme after I activate your application.
  5. TDBF

    Quick Search Template

    I think you need to recheck check your default template or remove your menu application as it is giving you the wrong impression. The default search looks like this: (Hence the reason why I posted these issues.)
  6. TDBF


    If you read my other post regarding the Search box. The search box elements should also be moved into your navigation when it is replacing the primary navigation.
  7. TDBF

    Default URL Error

    When selecting URL as the menu type there is an small issue with the default URL: It is adding %23 at the end
  8. TDBF

    Quick Search Template

    When replacing the ipsNavBar_primary menu, the search box is missing. Would it be possible to have this element within the Primaray menu like it is with the Default template. I had to add: {template="quickSearch" group="global" app="core" params="$preview"} To: <nav id="{$data->group->key}_{$data->group->loc}_nav" class="cjmg_nav ipsClearfix{{if settings.cjmg_remove_primary && $data->group->loc == 'primary'}} cjmg_primary_z{{endif}}{{if $widget === true}} cjmg_widget{{endif}}"{{if !$data->group->type && $data->group->bi
  9. TDBF


    When replacing the primary menu, the container is still shown. I have to use .cjmg_primary_removed { display: none } to fully hide it.
  10. TDBF

    Add Menu Issue

    Not sure if this is a cache issue or not, but there is an issue which will prevent an application showing up in the Applications Menu. How to replicate. Create a new Menu, name it whatever you like as it is important, In the new Menu, click on New Menu Item, From the Menus configuration, select Application as type, and select Forum from the Applications. Click save. Click the edit button for the new menu item you just created, Change the Application to Drawer, and enter a Title (as this is required) and save. Create a new menu item under the sam
  11. TDBF

    Menu's out of line

    Installed your menu on my test server and created a few menu's, however there seems to be an issue with the alignment of the mega and traditional containers. <div class="cjmg_mega cjmg_child_container ipsClearfix cjmg_shadow" style="z-index: 2000; display: none; width: 1340px; top: 48px; left: 281px;"> As you can see from the image below. How can I change this to align the menu's centrally .
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