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  1. I'm also having serious problems with the upgrades on our live site. I sent you a message here and also on the Invision site and I posted on your topic support thread. We need some urgent help please.
  2. Okay… Fixed and working now. This can be marked as completed. I still have another long-standing query open about the keywords.
  3. OK Thanks. I have no idea what your are saying !!! - but I'll pass it on to our Webmaster and get back to you
  4. Sorry, I don't know why the status of this thread has been changed to closed. The issue is still there – and I have to say that I'm a bit dismayed that we had no response from the developer.
  5. It would be very nice to get this working – but not as important as the keywords version clash. Thanks
  6. Hi, it's been quite a long time now. Is there any chance that we could address this problem please?
  7. Still isn't working. I'd really like to get it sorted.
  8. Sorry, but it still isn't working
  9. Anyway I've clicked off the "system logs" and it simply says
  10. Okay – I just tried to reinstall again and got the same message. This time I checked the system log and I see that I got this message here: Thanks for taking such a rapid interest by the way.
  11. Sorry to sound lame – but where would I find that?
  12. Keyword tooltips Hi, could you help. We rely on your keyword tooltips app very heavily. We probably have at least a couple hundred or more configured going all over the place or with convoluted explanations. We've been running version – I think – 3.2.2 since about June and I just decided to upload and try out your latest version 3.2.5 on our test site. All of the existing keywords have stopped working. Luckily I kept an old version of your application and reinstall that and everything came back and started working again. So it seems that for some reason rather there may be some incompatibility between your new version and the keywords which are configured with the old version. It's just too much work to have to go and reconfigure all of the old keywords again but I'd really like to use some of the new features and keep up to date. Can you advise please. Thanks
  13. Hi, I've had this for almost a year. I just renewed it but I haven't installed it. I'm just trying to install it now and I'm getting this error message. If you any ideas how I can get this installed please? Thanks
  14. Hi, I've had this for almost a year and haven't installed it. I'm just trying to install it now and I'm getting this
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