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  1. its a automatic process the closing. this really is a server issue, php/apach (or nginx) can't set file permissions on the file. try deleting the directory for cjdml and extacting and uploading the files directly via ftp, then manually running the upgrade process.
  2. Michael

    Babble 2.9/3.0?

    since i have some free time for the next several weeks, i thought i'd jump on in on babble 2.9/3.0 (more than likely be 3.0 finally). but here is a quick video on the new look for babble. if you have followed the babble saga for the awhile, you will know i've never been quite happy with the layout of babble. it was archaic imho, mostly due to the original spec that babble was written under. i experimented with a "slack" like layout, but i wasn't too happy with that one either, that is why the original 3.0 was always being "delayed". also there are other chats out there and i think i need to really set babble apart from the others. i thought about trying to keep both designs, but i've done that in the past with other apps of mine, and it really isn't a good thing. it delays development and can potentially add in bugs. planned features: private rooms (this will replace the current "whispers", you will create a private room and invite a person or people to it instead). multiple rooms on the same page. globally placement of the "chatbar" (it will show up on everypage, i will more than likely give an option to limit it to specific apps). new design this isn't an exhaustive list, i have more, but they aren't well defined yet. features possibly being removed: reverse ordering...this has been the bane of my existence. this was something that was in the original spec, that i just sorta got straddled with when i made it public. i think it is time for it to die, as it has made coding around it very difficult, in a lot of regards i think it has actually held babble back in some ways. i honestly don't think i can be talked out of this, i think it will die. the order i'll be keeping is the new messages at the bottom (which i would consider to be the "natural" order, cause that is how they come out of the database and that is how most chat apps work to begin with). widget/landing page/menu - i will be removing the widget/landing page and menu navigation as it will no longer be needed. popout - the pop out feature where you could have it open up in its own separate window, as it doesn't fit in with the new archive - i'm really not sure how much this one is used, its made a mess of the code in some places, so i might consider moving messages into the search index, or at least giving people the option to turn it on, cause that was original the whole point of the archive was in the first place, i just don't think it is needed any longer tbh. okay i will have more info in the coming days, maybe more videos, but as you can see in the video, its still quite buggy
  3. Michael

    No editor

    on the rooms, edit the room and check the "group content" tab, make sure all the groups are 0, and then save it. you might have set it at one time and forgot or there might be some corrupted data for it. i'm assuming the old and new members are all in the same group? cause other then the check for group content, the permission checking is boilerplate IPS. the plugin was to correct a weird problem where the extend class being passed to babble's editor class was a empty class (a stdclass) so it didn't have the parent methods, this was either cause by another third party plugin/app or something related to the users specific server, as i couldn't duplicate it and the hook was just replacing babble's editor class to use the IPS editor class instead.
  4. Michael

    No editor

    uninstall the plugin, did you need it?
  5. Changed Status from No Response to Work in Progress
  6. Changed Status from No Response to Work in Progress
  7. so are you using the last plugin i posted? or the original one? you weren't too clear in your last post, otherwise if there is no problem, i'll be updating babble to use what is in the latest plugin.
  8. if you can try this hook: Babble Editor Overload.xml this will restore the babble features, but use the IPS class. if there is no error, i'll update babble mainline with this.
  9. is this something you can reproduce easily? or is it a random thing?
  10. i've installed here: https://codingjungle.com/babble/ and i've put a widget on the front page https://codingjungle.com/
  11. well its loading an editor on the front page thru the widget, there is a ton of moving parts there. a backtrace on the widgets alone is insane (several hundred paths). it is also happening inside a theme template, which is evaled, so there is another layer of insanity on top of that. i can't give you a simple answer, other than "its complicated". but i've doing this long enough to see where similar use cases where one works fine, but one with throw an error. and it usually comes down to the minute of details. all my experience is simply telling me, babble might be throwing the error, but babble is not the root cause of the error. the other thing we can try, instead of a widget, i could create a template plugin, to rule out widgets all together (just tell me where you have it, so i can match the area).
  12. its a plugin, install its as a plugin. it will replace the editor class in babble without any sort of modifications that i do (like adding the help to the toolbar and telling it load up the commands plugin.
  13. Babble Editor Overload.xml this will replace the Babble editor with a default IPS editor. if the problem persist, then we will know its not my code.
  14. sure babble is throwing an error, but is babble the cause of the problem creating the errror. this i do not believe to be the case, you can either trust me to know what i'm talking about or i can write out a very long, very dry, very technical explanation of why i don't believe babble to be causing the problem. are you willing to do the other debugging step, re-enable babble and start turning off your other 3rd party apps/plugins and if the problem stops happening when babble is the only one left enabled, then we will know it is babble or if it stops happening when babble is enabled, then we know its not babble. there is literally only one place in all of babble that the editor is called, and that is the template for room. so i'm assuming you have a widget on the front page. widgets get get cached sometimes, this could be causing the problem as well. are you certain there is absolutely nothing in the system log:
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