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  1. Michael

    Strange New User Group Issue

    Changed Fixed In to Next Version
  2. Michael

    What notifications are sent out?

    only when someone else assigns you, the notifications should be working like they do in the rest of the suite. the person triggering them, should be excluded from 'em.
  3. Michael

    What notifications are sent out?

    Changed Status from Pending to Not a Bug
  4. Michael

    What notifications are sent out?

    notifications are sent out for the following: both (email and inline): new cards completed cards new comments Inline Only: Card history updates Assignment to card Removed from assignment new cards get sent everyone following the project, history and completed cards get sent to followers of the project and card. assignment/unassigned get sent only to that person, the rest get sent to just who is following the cards.
  5. Michael

    Not mobile friendly

    Changed Status from Pending to Closed Changed Fixed In to Next Version
  6. Michael

    Feedback on Strategem

    Changed Status from Pending to Suggestion
  7. Michael


    You can create any number of cards to any column. Cards Creation: click on the add card button, fill it out (this is a ck editor instance, it supports rich text and IPS features such as @mention). There is no limit to how much text can be written here, but keep in mind its meant to be a "title" area for the card. To save a card, just click outside of the card and it will auto save. Assigning Cards: You can assign a card to up to 10 people (default is 6, but you can change this in project settings). You can also claim the card for yourself. Card Moving: you can move cards vertically in a column to reorder them, or drag and drop them to another column. Card View: if you click on a card, it will open up in a popup, giving you access to various things. you can add a description for the card, add a list, mark a card complete, set a due date, view the history of a card and/or add/read comments. Archiving Cards: there is no way to "delete" a card, but you can archive it. grab ahold of a card and drag it to above where the columns display, the archive area will open up, allowing you to drop the card there. you can retrieve a archived card at any time.
  8. Michael


    You can create as many columns as you want, they will stack horizontally. Column Settings: in column settings you can change the column name and/or background color. note: background color will choose a contrasting color for text (white for darker colors and black for lighter colors). In the project settings, you can enable auto color, so when a column is created, the background color is automatically generated for it (you can still change it if you don't like the color). Automation Tab: here you can set what sort of automation can be done to a card when a card is added to the column (either creating it new or moving it to it). Restrictions Tab: here you can restrict the column to an existing team member or select directly from the team. when you restrict a column, then that user/group will be the only one to create new cards or move cards to the column. other users will be able to comment on the cards, and project owners permissions remain unaffected by this option. Columns Moving: You can rearrange columns in any order you like, grab a hold of the column's title area and drag them left or right. Column Deletion: You can delete any column you want, but if it contains any cards, the cards will go into the project's archive section. so if you accidentally delete an important card, you can retrieve it from the archive at any time.
  9. Stratagems permission work a bit differently that the rest of IPS. The goal of the permissions are to create a team and assign them appropriate permission regardless of group. When you first create a project, the only user who has any permissions would be the creator/owner of the project. they have all permissions, that can't be revoked or restricted in any fashion. The owner can then proceed to edit the project and add members/groups to the Team on the team tab. Here you will be able to give them permissions thru out the project. they each have descriptions, if you have any questions or want more detail on what a specific permission does, feel free to create a new support request.
  10. Michael

    Group Permissions

    Stratagem has very little permissions for groups, there is one important one that can be found in Members->Groups in the ACP. click on a group and click on the stratagem tab, you will find "Add Projects" this will enable the group to create projects for stratagem on the front end.
  11. Michael


    Stratagem will install like any other IPS application. there are no other special requirements.
  12. Michael

    Feedback on Strategem

    its not really a members list, its a permissions list. the owner of the project is the "super administrator" they have all the permissions, then this list will show what groups/members who have permissions.
  13. Michael

    Feedback on Strategem

    its a bit tricky atm, but if a column is offscreen, you can take the card/column to the edge, it should "auto" scroll in that direction. so yeah, you can add cards to columns offscreen. the project owner is excluded from the list, as they are owner, its by design this blank. right now there is the "trash" area you can drag it too, there is currently not a way to permanently delete a card. the intent is to make the trash area sorta like a recycle bin found on a computer, that way if you mess up and delete a column, you can go fish out the relevant cards. when a project is first created, only the creator/owner of the project has any permission. all users have "read" permissions, unless the project is set to "private", then only the owner and the members (should rename that to team or something eccentric, i always liked the word gaggle. a flock of geese is called a gaggle, plus it sounds like babble ). anyway, only the owner and the "gaggle" will be able to see the cards or even the project. when you add members to the "gaggle", you can assign them permissions, which there are a wide variety to play around with. there will also be the option to add a group from IPS groups in the near future, and you can create "moderators" and such with this if you want. btw, the owner will always have all the perms, even if you add them to the "gaggle" and you can change the "owner" of a project. yes, if you delete a column they will go to the trash or you can move cards to the trash. cards at this time do not automatically delete out of the trash, might be something i add eventually. the trash has a max height of 500px, so it would overflow into having a scrollbar. they will "auto save". if you change the status, it will update to that status. due date is funky atm, sometimes it saves, sometimes it doesn't, so its "bugged". same with the "post" part that always seems to have an editor , its a "forever/always" editable area, to add things too. they do not get added to the search index for IPS search, there will be a in app search before release. new cards and such also do not add to activity stream. they should wrap or break word. i haven't imposed any artificial limits on them, for card "titles", i am thinking of cutting them off at X point and add the rest to the persistent editor inside the card. this way, you wont have this huge long card, that contains like the record from a congressional hearing and a congressperson decides to speak for 12 hours or something. it scales, the column area overflows with a scrollbar, cards can infinitely grow downwards (same with the amount of cards). as for "hundreds of members" i'm assume you are talking about either the members page or the filter options, that could be a problem if you want a thousand members or something. in reality, even tho it can prolly scale to those ridicoulas numbers, but it is imho that you might need project management for your project management if they need to get that high. so creating a "catch" all project might not be the best move, but having a half dozen or more projects, with each project with a certain limited scope would probably be the better way. that way everything in project A is related to project A. eventually this will be possible this will be a project setting in the near future, where "completed" cards will auto hide after x amount of days after they are complete. this is why there will be a filter to show completed. its intentional, might switch to headers vs tabs for the "project" general settings. in the "quick stats" there will be a chart for active (cards that have no due date or haven't reached their due date). it also will have an impact on the "project status" guestimator. there will be more improvements for this feature before and after release. ⚠️ it will show this icon, but it will be red, next to where where the checkmark for "complete" shows up. not yet implemented. pin and feature are out, as the cards order would be their "priority" so to speak. report cards will be coming, and project/column creation, ii could see a potential for abuse, so adding them to report center might be worth an investment. yeah the UX needs serious work was thinking of making a Post 2 card option, will prolly extend this to other parts of the suite. this is more or less how the "sub cards" will work i was thinking of adding in a poll option, but a up/down vote will prolly be a better idea. maybe in the future. move a lot of the suggestions to cards and tried to comment/answer everything. i might've skipped over something here and there.
  14. Michael


    Version 1.0.4


    Stratagem is the next-gen project management app for Invision Community, based on the concept of kanban. Plan, manage, and deliver community projects directly from your Invision Community with the project management app Stratagem. Manage – Implement the project of your dreams using the project management tool set of Stratagem. Create unlimited projects with their own unique workflows. Move issues as they get resolved, or remove them into the special Trash Can. Collaborate – Add users to the project team, assign tasks to team members, and watch real-time updates happen as a team member updates a card or column. Automate – Use the built-in automation tools to auto-update issues when they move into a new stage of the project, by either assigning a new due date or assigning a new status. Control – Define the project leader to spearhead the project, manage the members, or restrict access to certain development stages. Use Stratagem to plan your next community project, organize a user meetup, implement site feedback, or launch a new initiative. It can also be used for lists, comparisons, or any other form of visual organization. Kanban Kanban is a visual approach to project management for incremental and continuous improvements. The emphasis is on continual delivery of small items without overburdening the development team. Kanban is a process designed to help teams work together more effectively, by allowing your team members to pick and choose the issues they would like to develop next. The Japanese pioneered the process of kanban for industrial management at Toyota. The visual design is similar to a whiteboard where users can move cards to show progress (kanban translates to “visual card” in Japanese). Features Create unlimited projects for online or offline initiatives, each with their own unique workflow, steps, and issues. The app features: Projects - Create unlimited projects with their own unique workflows, teams, and statuses. Columns - Organize your project by columns. Each column represents a step in the process. Cards - Create cards for your task. Each card is an issue to be progressed or resolved. Drag-and-drop ordering – Beautiful visual approach to moving cards in between columns. Statistics – Detailed charts and statistics to help you analyze the progression of your project, identify roadblocks, and resolve upcoming issues. Filters – The project can be filtered in the sidebar to identify cards based on criteria for status, completion, or assignment. Live Collaboration – Columns and cards will periodically update without the need for refreshing. As other members of your team create new cards and / or reorder cards, the changes will reflect on your page for team collaboration. Archive – If cards need to be discarded, each project includes a archive section to archive all cards which saves the cards for future reference. Stratagem is beautifully visual with drag-and-drop ordering. Stratagem is beautifully simple, with a design that any member can immediately figure out. Stratagem is beautifully powerful, with workflows and badges that can be custom built to your needs. Demo/Request Features/Make Suggestions: https://codingjungle.com/stratagem/projects/1-stratagem/


  15. Michael

    Suggestion: Add notification to moderator

    Changed Fixed In to Next Version