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  1. check the settings in the ACP make sure you have the forums selected and which forums for it to work in. there could be a conflict with another app as well. i've llifted all the restrictions i can in the code to get it to run, so now its either gotta be server related or conflict with another third party app or plugin.
  2. There are two terms you will often hear in the FOSS world, you might think they mean the same thing but you they do not. Free as in beer and Free as in speech/freedom. They sound like they are saying the same thing but they really don't. Free as in beer, is getting something without payment. That is all it really means, you could try to find a deeper meaning in it, but you would be hard pressed to find one. This is what it means in the FOSS world too, if some one says 'Try Ubuntu, its free as in beer', they just mean it doesn't have a monetary cost. I chose these words very carefully too, it might not have a monetary cost, but it does cost you something. It will cost you your time while you learn it, it could even cost you your sanity, cause it might not be easy to use or to get use to. It will eventually cost you something, but it is still free of payment. Free as in speech/freedom. This one is a bit more abstract than the one before it, you could spend hours finding deeper meaning in this one. In the United States, our founders decided that Free Speech was a inalienable right (meaning it isn't something that is given to us, its inherit/natural state. you just have it. Trying to take it away, would be like cutting off your arm or removing an eye, it is often why many american's do not see the "free speech" in other countries around the world is the same as what we have here in the states, as often times that "speech" is given to you by your government, its free as in beer, but what is given, can be taken too.). Any way back to FOSS, in FOSS however, it simple means you have liberty and not just the ability to get the software for free. In FOSS you have 4 rights that are granted under it: run the software however you would like. you as the user decide how the software is to be used/run, the creator/owner of the code doesn't dictate this (this is why it is ironic when you hear about people in FOSS trying to forbid use of their code under a FOSS type license, due to them disagreeing with you on some level. they gave up the right to have a say in how the software is used and by who, when they birthed it into the opensource world). seeing how the software actually works. this is where the opensource part comes into play, you have the right to get the source code, to see for yourself what makes it tick. This would be like knowing the secret recipe that the "free as in beer" is made of. redistribution, you have the right to give the software away any way you want. you could burn cd's of it, give it away on flash drives, install it on their computer/device when they aren't looking, setting up a mirror to host a download of it, etc. you as the user can redistribute it the way you see fit, this also includes, not redistributing, its not a requirement, but a right you could exercise if you see fit. improvement, assuming you possess the skills, you could improve/alter the software to fit your needs better. You also have the right to give those improvements back if you so desire. So that is it really, these 2 terms explained, so if you ever come across them, you will know which is which and what they mean. Now this doesn't mean the person who are using them knows what they mean, as many think they are interchangeable due to them sounding similar. There is plenty of "free as in beer" software out there, that you don't have any liberty with.
  3. A breakdown of features of the devtoolbox for IPS. Repository link: https://github.com/codingjungle/toolbox/tree/dev clone the dev repository to get the latest features and fixes, the xp branch is for new features that might not be stable or complete.
  4. Michael

    Babble 3.0 Beta

    Babble 3.0 Beta is now available, contact me if you wish to be apart of the beta. Below is the video showing off babble 3.0 and its abilities and differences. Babble 3.0 is also currently running on my site here. (video is still uploading, so it might take some time before its available for viewing).
  5. Michael


    I am alive, I don't mean to disappoint anyone if you are I had a chance to use my talents to help a few local schools out with their IT dilemma (mostly fixing their old and donated computers to hand out to children who don't have one). So i was busy with this for a bit, and then i got sick (not with covid19, at least they told me it wasn't it, but it kicked my butt for about 5 days), but i am back now. I have a few things to get thru for a few clients, and then i will start working my way thru the backlog. hope everyone is staying safe and well
  6. its a automatic process the closing. this really is a server issue, php/apach (or nginx) can't set file permissions on the file. try deleting the directory for cjdml and extacting and uploading the files directly via ftp, then manually running the upgrade process.
  7. Michael

    Babble 2.9/3.0?

    since i have some free time for the next several weeks, i thought i'd jump on in on babble 2.9/3.0 (more than likely be 3.0 finally). but here is a quick video on the new look for babble. if you have followed the babble saga for the awhile, you will know i've never been quite happy with the layout of babble. it was archaic imho, mostly due to the original spec that babble was written under. i experimented with a "slack" like layout, but i wasn't too happy with that one either, that is why the original 3.0 was always being "delayed". also there are other chats out there and i think i need to really set babble apart from the others. i thought about trying to keep both designs, but i've done that in the past with other apps of mine, and it really isn't a good thing. it delays development and can potentially add in bugs. planned features: private rooms (this will replace the current "whispers", you will create a private room and invite a person or people to it instead). multiple rooms on the same page. globally placement of the "chatbar" (it will show up on everypage, i will more than likely give an option to limit it to specific apps). new design this isn't an exhaustive list, i have more, but they aren't well defined yet. features possibly being removed: reverse ordering...this has been the bane of my existence. this was something that was in the original spec, that i just sorta got straddled with when i made it public. i think it is time for it to die, as it has made coding around it very difficult, in a lot of regards i think it has actually held babble back in some ways. i honestly don't think i can be talked out of this, i think it will die. the order i'll be keeping is the new messages at the bottom (which i would consider to be the "natural" order, cause that is how they come out of the database and that is how most chat apps work to begin with). widget/landing page/menu - i will be removing the widget/landing page and menu navigation as it will no longer be needed. popout - the pop out feature where you could have it open up in its own separate window, as it doesn't fit in with the new archive - i'm really not sure how much this one is used, its made a mess of the code in some places, so i might consider moving messages into the search index, or at least giving people the option to turn it on, cause that was original the whole point of the archive was in the first place, i just don't think it is needed any longer tbh. okay i will have more info in the coming days, maybe more videos, but as you can see in the video, its still quite buggy
  8. Michael

    No editor

    on the rooms, edit the room and check the "group content" tab, make sure all the groups are 0, and then save it. you might have set it at one time and forgot or there might be some corrupted data for it. i'm assuming the old and new members are all in the same group? cause other then the check for group content, the permission checking is boilerplate IPS. the plugin was to correct a weird problem where the extend class being passed to babble's editor class was a empty class (a stdclass) so it didn't have the parent methods, this was either cause by another third party plugin/app or something related to the users specific server, as i couldn't duplicate it and the hook was just replacing babble's editor class to use the IPS editor class instead.
  9. Michael

    No editor

    uninstall the plugin, did you need it?
  10. Changed Status from No Response to Work in Progress
  11. Changed Status from No Response to Work in Progress
  12. so are you using the last plugin i posted? or the original one? you weren't too clear in your last post, otherwise if there is no problem, i'll be updating babble to use what is in the latest plugin.
  13. if you can try this hook: Babble Editor Overload.xml this will restore the babble features, but use the IPS class. if there is no error, i'll update babble mainline with this.
  14. is this something you can reproduce easily? or is it a random thing?
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