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  1. let me play around, it should be possible to do this with css atm, in 3 it works a bit different, the displayname appears over the message itself, instead of beside it like in 2 (as 2 was designed after IPS chat, 3 is a mixture of skype/slack/other messengers).
  2. in version 2, if your name is @mentioned, the message row gets "highlighted" the default is a "red" color, it only displays to the person who's name matches it. in 3, there will be a @mentions lists to choose from
  3. well i will see what i can do to improve it in version 3 or 3.1, as i think it is sufficient atm for most people.
  4. Changed Status to Closed
  5. Changed Status to Closed
  6. what exactly is wrong with the implementation i have now? it scales for mobile devices, and gives you the ability to determine what colors can be and can't be used.
  7. hmm it use to do that...i'll see what they have changed
  8. Changed Status to Not Implemented
  9. no there is no way to do this and i'm not sure if i will be interested in investing the time in implementing a custom context menu as that is atypical how most people would expect things to work and/or wouldn't work in mobile.
  10. Changed Status to Work In Progress
  11. they are being lost cause the message area gets cleared after the message is successfully sent. in 3, it will clear as soon as enter/send is hit. since 3 has been delayed due to me being ill for so long, i will see if it will be easy to change the behavior in 2.
  12. Changed Status to Not Implemented
  13. so you want your guest to be able to do things like this? or this? Highlight the message here to see all of it .
  14. it is not an RTE just a textarea, i only add the "editor bar" cause of several request for the RTE.
  15. Changed Status to Closed