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  1. Online users list disapperead

    when you upgraded, did you also upgrade the babble.js and if you hadn't already, downloaded the package.json and run npm install on it?
  2. Repo for wscript: https://github.com/aik099/PhpStormProtocol Reg .js Fix: http://www.winhelponline.com/blog/error-there-is-no-script-engine-for-file-extension-when-running-js-files/ this is to get the whoops editor working with phpstorm.
  3. URL with foreign letters

    oops it is missing something from a change i made to get that emoji plugin to work. so it will need to wait for the next version, sorry that i didn't catch that before i posted this.
  4. URL with foreign letters

    Changed Status from Pending to Closed Changed Fixed In to Next Version
  5. The NA server is down

    Changed Status from Pending to Closed
  6. URL with foreign letters

    you can replace the file in applications/babble/sources/Text/Text.php with the one attached to resolved this is or wait till the next version (have some things left to tweak). Text.php
  7. The NA server is down

    Okay the NA server is back up, had to go with "lets encrypt" cert, as the cert company i was using said there wasn't anything wrong with the cert, that it was something wrong with the use of it. so they've annoyed me, i've requested a refund and will be looking for a better cert authority.
  8. The NA server is down

    yeah there is a slight problem with that servers certificate. I renewed it and updated friday on it, but now it says it is "expired". I've sent a support request to the issuer to figure out the problem. the europe server is operating fine, i'll update you when the NA is fixed, hopefully it wont be long.
  9. Emoticons not working

    trying to figure out the best way to handle them. it is easy for the IPS one as they have something i can grab onto and parse out like the : ) and ^ _ ^ and what not. the plugin doesn't offer anything like that, i've been playing around with a few things, but nothing is giving me satisfying results so far. might have to implement my own.
  10. I need to rewrite it, as this was my first attempt and now you can download it from the store in windows 10 (and i think you have the choices of like fedora and suse). so a lot has changed in the last year .
  11. unstable

    Things have really leveled out on the server, how is it for everyone since the 2.6.4 upgrade?
  12. unstable

    you will if you follow the file in downloads. i will send bulk mails out for important updates.
  13. unstable

    Changed Status from Waiting to Closed Changed Fixed In from 2.6.3 to 2.6.4
  14. unstable

    found the issue, it was a connection loop cause by the auto-reconnect. I've fixed it and release 2.6.4. this should fix the loads on the server and hopefully take care of the connectivity issue. as this bug was opening multiple sockets when it was triggered, in my test, i was able to have 1 client connect about 180 times . tomorrow (11/1) i will be blocking all previous versions of babble chat client from being able to access the service, so please upgrade to 2.6.4 now (it is available).
  15. unstable

    okay i think i tracked it down, it is def in the auto-reconnect.