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  1. yep i'm no stylus, i force a min. height, cause it truncates an answer after a bit and the "show more" ui widget adds a bit of padding to itself, i'll try to improve the design, but can't make any promises i tend to keep things as basic af. mods/admins who have the ability to delete content universally or in downloads, should be able to delete questions or answers. it is also one of the reasons why i have an option in the category settings, to only allow the file author to answer the questions, as if it is coming from them, then it is more likely to be "correct". yeah i was thinking of having them order by the "me too" and then by date, i might make that a setting. i think it is called "groupFraming" or something like that, i know what you are talking about, i'll look to see how to do it i don't want to touch the "core" tabs, cause lindy has said they are thinking of implementing this feature, if they don't after a few versions, I plan on making some changes to reviews at least, where they are grouped by version and then with the ability for a "my side of the story" comment to be added to it.
  2. yes you can mark them as default, but if you save it, it should unset all the others, except for the first one that was marked "default"
  3. this i cause i sent you the one for 4.1, and you are using it on 4.2 reputation was replace with reactions in 4.2
  4. Changed Status to Closed
  5. 1. at this time, the timestamps are sorta stuck to being relative, in 3 i will look into giving an option to swap between relative and local times. 2. this could be possible feature. 3. you can alter the row template or you can define your own template and do a code hook to overload commands.php default template (i can provide more info on this option if you want). 4.which buttons as a lot of them "get bigger" at lower resolutions already. 5. the wysiwyg adds a ton of garbage html (plus it's heavy itself), it is why i added the editor bar in there, to make it easier to use BBC. so i honestly don't see this being done anytime in the future. 6. the rooms are locked from being deleted, you can rename them and set permissions on however you want on them. this has been resolved in 3, but for 2 there are some parts that expect those rooms to be there.
  6. i honestly do not know. afaik, the ports are apart of the network stack and i don't know if they are independent of each other depending on number of IP's or network interfaces. your host might be better to ask this question, I have a few friends in ITT and in particularly networking, i'll ask them when i see them next
  7. Changed Status to Work In Progress
  8. eek, didn't mean to sound so negative, was posting late last night. i don't have an issue with you seeking help else where or posting your experiences here. i just don't want you to having spend extra money, especially if it is something i can help with. Port 3000 is just a "placeholder' port. cause usually its easy to remember and rarely is it ever in use by anything else (but it is also blocked by server firewalls most of the time). for my babble service i actually use port 443, but it has its own domain and ssl cert and node.js is the only thing running on it so i can use that port without having to worry about apache/nginx interfering with it.
  9. i really wish people would stop being so impatient, it was a holiday weekend. https://codingjungle.com/tutorials/babble/
  10. Changed Status to Possible Feature
  11. in v3 you will have the option to set prune chat messages by a time frame, will this suffice or did you want something different?
  12. you mean the included "babble" room?
  13. babble requires a separate purchase for each IPS install you are using it on. i do allow a dev board use of it per license, but the dev board can't be used for public consumption. as for ports, there are like 65k on computers , usually pick a high enough one (apache runs on 80 and 443 in most cases, and mysql is typically on 3306 and if you have mail can vary like 416 and 535, ftp usually uses 21 and ssh usually uses 22. its why i use 3000 in my tutorials afaik nothing uses that port at its default and usually open to be used), so no other process is running on it, and use that as the port in the babble.js (also make sure you are restarting the babble.js either with forever or node command). then for your URL the structure would be like this (using my site here): https://codingjungle.com:3000 if the port i used was 3000 in the babble.js that is what i would use in the NODE URL in the acp for babble. you will also need to make sure that your firewall in your router, server iptables, etc, isn't blocking the port as well. some networks will also block ports other than 80 and 443 (usually public networks that you find at like mcd's and starbucks, to prevent people from doing anything like illegal downloads from a torrent or something).
  14. Can you add me on to your support or what i need to message you so I can be added to your support list? Need you to check my lamp / nodejs. As it wont connect to the server. 

    1. Michael


      https://codingjungle.com/tracker/babble/  for right now this is the support area for all my products bought offsite, if purchased here, you can use the ticket system found in support. 

  15. Changed Fixed In to Babble 2.2.6 Changed Status to Closed