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  1. hello, I've responded to this inquiry over on the IPS thread "Babble: Real Time Chat".
  2. did i run over your dog? wrong you in a past life? not sure what the hostility is for. I have never said i wouldn't fix my apps if a problem is reported for them not working on a new version of IPS. the problem originally with 4.1.19 was an actual bug with IPS itself (not with CJ Menu), it presented as a CJ Menu bug due to CJ Menu using theme hooks in PHP Mode. I was the one that identified and reported the problem, and then had the problem escalated to get fixed ASAP cause i am not the only developer that uses those types of hooks. it would've only been a matter of time before reports for others apps and plugins that used those types of hooks would've become noticed. So i am not sure where you get the idea that i've said i would never fix it due to a change in IPS. so please correct yourself. as for problems other people have had, if they never report the problem to me, and only post 2 post in my forums about how crappy the product is. without ever seeking actual help from me (like contacting me via pm or making a ticket or bug report or using the contact us form) i am not sure what i am suppose to do in "fixing" a problem that i don't know anything about.
  3. tester3
  4. fgdsh
  5. test
  6. this is a weird one, it only seems to occur on nginx. since it is being caused in a third party lib that babble uses, I am not sure how long it will take to identify a fix for this, but i will setup a nginx environment and try to reproduce.
  7. Changed Status to Work In Progress
  8. Changed Status to Work In Progress
  9. Make sure in keywords settings that the apps you want the keywords to appear in are enabled, and if it is for the forums and/or pages, make sure you select the forums/databases you want it to operate on or have "select all" enabled for those 2 applications. for your second question, when you create a keyword you can choose to create a URL keyword, this will not appear as a hovercard when linked, but as a hyperlink that when clicked will take the user there.
  10. Please do not take this the wrong way. Due to recent surge in piracy of babble and my other products. I am asking everyone i can not verify thru information given on you profile to provide me with your IPS email address (as you do not appear in my records here for my store). You can edit the email address in your profile, or you can send it to me in a PM. Once I verify the purchase, I'll be more than happy to answer your question or take a look at the bug here.
  11. Changed Status to Not A Bug
  12. it will display that, if it detects the conf_global.php setting "sql_utf8mb4" isn't set to true, this is a good sign the charset of the database isn't set to utf8mb4_unicode_ci, and you pass it a utf8 unicode symbol of some kind.
  13. well 4.1.19 actually was broken for anything that used theme hooks in php mode (so it wasn't just cj menu, but cj menu uses those types of hooks)...there was a patch file that was released for 4.1.19 and has the fix in it. (which i posted the link to the tracker's bug report over this issue). No, not really, i make cj menu to work only with the default theme. if you want theme customization done, i do offer those at an hourly rate, it is not something i offer for free. now if the theme developer has mangled the area where cj menu hooks into, by removing/changing/moving/etc the selector that i use to hook onto, then this is no different than introducing a bug into IPS thru any other third party modifications. You wouldn't expect IPS to fix an issue that a third party theme introduced into their software, so why would i be expected to fix a bug or issue introduced by a third party theme? down to brass tacks, if IPS held themers to the same standard they held third party developers, then a lot would change and you probably would never have any issues with a third party themes, but since they don't, this is where you are at. you can continue to believe that it is my responsibility to support some one else's "artistic integrity" for free, then we will find ourselves at a crossroads. now if you want to contact me like an adult would via PM or my bug tracker like it says on the product's description for support, then i'd be more than happy to look at any issue you are having, and give you my opinion on how we should proceed. so the ball is in your court friend. I will be removing this forum, as its original intent was for community support, not product support from me, and it seems to have gotten confused with where to post issues. don't worry, i will not delete this topic/thread, i will merge it into general.
  14. let me play around, it should be possible to do this with css atm, in 3 it works a bit different, the displayname appears over the message itself, instead of beside it like in 2 (as 2 was designed after IPS chat, 3 is a mixture of skype/slack/other messengers).
  15. in version 2, if your name is @mentioned, the message row gets "highlighted" the default is a "red" color, it only displays to the person who's name matches it. in 3, there will be a @mentions lists to choose from