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  1. https://codingjungle.com/files/file/33-babble/?tab=tutorials Go to the above link as only chat service specific tutorials will be found here. Any tutorial that applies to both will appear in the above link.
  2. When you request a demo key, the process requires you to be registered member of the site and for you to enter your site URL. It is important that you enter your site url or other wise the demo will not work, as babble will use your site's url as an identifier when it connects to the chat service. Now i don't harvest the URL's or even keep them in a human readable format, I use a hashing algorithm. My goal is to keep as much identifying information off my servers as possible, in case of breaches or other uncontrollable things. for the demo keys, this is what the information look
  3. Michael

    Store link smaller screen

    Changed Status from Pending to Work in Progress
  4. This Monday 10/19/2020 I will be launching babble 3.0.0 chat service. 2.9 chat service will continue to operate for 30 days after wards, and then i will be shutting it down and you will need to upgrade to babble 3.0.0. I will also be launching a 30 day "get demo" for babble, that will allow you to get a 30 day key to test babble 3.0.0 if you haven't already gotten it.
  5. Michael

    Get Babble Demo!

    You will need to be logged in or create an account. click on "Get Demo" link on front page ( or click here) Fill in site url and click on "create key" once you click on create key, you are redirected to a page where you can download the latest babble chat service, you will also see your babble demo key. the key will be active for 30 days after creation. Once you have installed babble chat service, go to ACP->babble->Configuration->License and fill out the form. use your license key from the Get Demo Page and the email address from your Accoun
  6. I'll be releasing Babble 3.0.0 preview this week, ONLY UPGRADE if you are wanting to test it out. this will be a post beta release, but it might still have bugs in it. You will also need to have IPS 4.5 installed, as 3.0.0 has been designed around to work best with it. It might work with 4.4, but there is no guarantee that it will. I will be releasing the self hosted preview tomorrow, but the chat service version will come a few days later. Once i move from preview to the release, there will be a 30 day period in which babble 2.x will continue to operate on the service, after
  7. Michael

    Quick Search Template

    Changed Status from Not a Bug to Closed Changed Fixed In to Next Version
  8. Michael

    Quick Search Template

    i've identified the issue and fixed it for the next version. well then you know that is a balance between what clients want/need and what you want and need as i do use mgm myself on several of my sites, and this solution has worked 95% of the time for those needs too. I don't mind making changes if there are demands, but there is always a trade off .
  9. Michael

    Quick Search Template

    i had always meant that it was the way mgm works on the default theme, not how IPS does it. in the screen shot i shared, that is MGM running on the default theme on my dev environment, i just didn't say "this is how mgm does it" like i did later. then you never really dealt with IPS "theme merchants", a vast majority of them don't take any accountability with the problems their themes introduce (like removing hook points, having broken tags closing tags that don't present themselves till you hook into it, etc). so tbh, the design for mgm (as it was in cj menu) was to reduce the numbe
  10. Michael

    Quick Search Template

    yes, with mgm, the search appears above the menu, its done by design, as i explained in the post before.
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