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  1. I'm aware of the issue, it wasn't happening on my local, but a few other people have pointed it out that it happens on their site. i don't know the exact cause of it, but figured out a way to get past it. i'm currently testing the fix now, so i will update the app when done with my testing.
  2. Changed Status from Pending to Work in Progress Changed Fixed In to Next Version
  3. Michael


    it would've been far more useful to have posted what the actual error than claiming babble is unstable.
  4. Michael


    i can't reproduce the issue and it is very hard to "fix" something you can get to work without any issue. so what other problems have you had? if i don't know about the problems, i can't fix them either.
  5. Michael


    some one else has reported it not working, where the origins of that video i made came from. are there any errors in your system log?
  6. Michael


    the widget room issue has been fixed in 2.8.10, and i added in a babble tab for member preferences in the ACP so you can change their settings (they are the ones found in the settings when you click the settings button in a room/on the widget).
  7. Michael


    already said what this was in the above post, due to the change for notifications. i added a js value for babble to look for to know if it needs to load back to a certian message, it gets sets in the room, but not in the widget. i've fixed this and it will be in the next version where it is fixed. it does use the IPS notification settings, i'm just adding in a finer bit of control to the site admin and end user. so i am not entirely sure what you mean here.
  8. Michael


    this is due to the change for the mentions in the auth process when you connect to babble, i've corrected this for the next version. for the mentions not working, it is more than like a settings issue on your end, as it is tied into quote/mentions notifications for the using who is being mentioned/quoted: here is a video explaining it.
  9. Michael


    I've added this to 2.8.9, there are 2 settings for it. the first one is in ACP->Babble->Configuration->General on the general tab, it is called inline notifications. this will allow the site admin to disable them for everyone if they see fit. then there is a user setting in babble's user settings panel, for them to disable them without having to disable mentions/quotes notifications for the suite site wide. they do not work in whispers in this version, as i have a planned upgrade for whispers in the 2.9 branch, that will bring this feature along with many improvements to whispers.
  10. Michael


    Changed Fixed In to 2.8.9
  11. Michael


    not really a good way to start off a message meant to change my mind by telling me i'm wrong and to tell me how much more wonderful an another chat app has 1 feature babble doesn't (but missing many features babble already has). Babble started off as a project to reduce the resource load of ajax based chats, which the other chat is, along with the chatbox app. I've tried my best to keep to that mandatae. you and your community seems to have a different needs than what babble is designed to do. to me, a chat is a quick and temporary communication, not long term storage or a replacement for PM's, forums, blogs, etc. I will think about this, but it is not a promise or even guarantee that i will change my mind on it. I just get a feeling if i did add this, i will get 30 clients coming out of the woodwork and complain about it.
  12. Michael


    yeah, the inline notification (the little bell icon). so you want babble to alert you via a inline notification if you get mentioned? I mean i've thought about this before, but i never included it in babble, cause of it's nature. it would be too intensive imho to figure out if the person being mentioned is in that room or not, cause it would get rather annoying fast, if you were in the room and IPS was also notifying you that you were being mentioned in the room. plus there would be other minor issues to work around, like loading the chat to the point of where the mention was made, this as well could be extremely server intensive, if the chat history wen far enough back, and in my experience i've seen chat histories go back several thousand messages in just a few hours, especial if the topic that is getting discussed is a heated one or one of a lot of interest. so all in all, i really don't think inline notifications are really a good fit for babble. if a strong enough case can made for them, or the demand is high enough, i would reconsider, but right now i don't really see them making it into babble in the near future. Regards, Michael
  13. Michael

    Arrow up - working

    okay this was a left over from adding a second module/controller to 2.8 (cause on install/upgrade the ips installer/upgrader ignores default module/controller, i've reported this, but it still seems to be unfixed), so hopefully this will be the last one causing bugs.
  14. Michael

    Arrow up - working

    Changed Status from Work in Progress to Closed Changed Fixed In to Next Version
  15. okay i think i got this sorted, gonna do a few more test before i release.
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