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  1. Michael

    Babble Version 3 Update

    don't have a firm date yet, finishing up the new features and interface, and about to enter a beta period for it before releasing. in the meantime, i've released a new version 2.7.4 for chat service, that uses a site cache for online counts (it updates every 15 minutes) it wont give a real time count, but it will show at least that some one has visited in the last 15 minutes. users who are in babble, will still get real time counts. hope this helps with the activity issue.
  2. Michael

    Babble v3 Alpha 6

    i broke the commands class, i have it fixed, but there were other things i wanted to get working before i went into "beta"
  3. Michael

    Babble v3 Alpha 6

    welp, i broke it lol
  4. Michael

    Babble v3 Alpha 6

    babble chat messages are run thru the text parser for IPS, which should already be doing the built in profanity filter, but i'll double check, maybe its an extra step (you never know with IPS any more :)) as in the unix timestamp? click on the gear icon, you will see there are already sound notification options (for new message, send messages and whispers). there is already an option in the settings to set the status. i don't really want to clutter up the UI with little buttons i can make it where if they are a friend in the profile, that it can do this, but it might not be in the initial release.
  5. Michael

    Babble Version 3 Alpha 5 and Responsive Height

    i've thought about grouping, i have commented out code for it, but it was a lot of buggy. i might revisit it after v3 releases.
  6. Michael

    Babble v3 Alpha 6

    lots of fine tuning has gone on this release private rooms and whispers should be working properly now. private rooms and whispers will now (or should) send out a notification if you are "offline" (each time you go to babble/switch a room/send a message, your last "online" time changes for babble, if that offline time is older than 15 minutes, you will be considered to be offline and a notification will be sent.). i've also made some style changes, dropped the background coloring, left them just to be all "white", you can still style them if you want, but i am going for a min. theme here.
  7. Michael


    I would generally assume you are cyboman over on the IPS forum, but incase you are not , i've addressed this in more detail here: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/430583-babble-real-time-chat/?do=findComment&comment=2749716 not all the requested features will end up in babble and only a few will end up in the initial release of v3, but i'm always open to suggestions . Hopefully the features i do add in v3 for the bots, will be beneficial to everyones communities as i've added a few new ones, along with the old ones and the bot configuration is less messy than it was in v2 (instead of a bot being tied to a room, it is its own node now, allowing you to select which rooms to attach it too, along with which groups to send out too). I'll be writing up a more in depth article on the front page about bots in the near future as i get closer to getting them laid out and some what functional in v3. so stay tuned
  8. alpha 2 to 5 have mostly been PHP fixes and work, little to no work has went on on the front end so the things that were broken in the first alpha, remain broken in this alpha. One of the new front end features i've been wanting to bring to babble for awhile, is instead of fixed heights for everything, i wanted dynamic heights for it. so it will responsd to the view port size (well, it will measure from the top of babble itself to the bottom of the view port, and resize everything to 70% of the height of that area, hopefully avoid scroll bars and what not. the chat message area has a min height of 150px, cause i just know there will be one person out there that be on one of those 3 inch cheap af android smartphones from back in 2011 that has resolution of a calculator ). I've also been getting a huge amount of feedback from the IPS forums, mainly cyboman, who has given me a ton of great ideas on how to improve bots and other features in Babble. so like always if you have a suggestion, this is the best time to make it
  9. Michael

    Babble Version 3 Alpha 1

    an oddity indeed, for me it just stalls out, doesn't do anything like that.that is when you are hitting the + button next to "online" correct?
  10. Michael

    Babble Version 3 Alpha 1

    you can now test out an alpha of babble v3. https://codingjungle.com/babble/ there will be bugs with it, uploads do not currently work (they will upload but they wont attach to the topic) and a lot of the commands are still out of commission, edit/delete don't work (well they sorta do, but its not a permanent thing yet) . whispers and private rooms should work without a hitch. oh you should also be able to use markdown along with bbc in the editor error, so give that a go if you know markdown. so if you find anything that i haven't mentioned here, please let me know, as i'm pretty sure i got all the features i wanted to add in, now its just shoring everything up and getting some styling going on to finish it off
  11. Michael

    Babble Version 3 Update

    there was still a online list, the only difference was it wasn't always shown, how it is in like slack/rocket chat. a PM history list showed the status of the people you had sent PM's too, to me those would be most likely the people i was interested in chatting with and seeing if they were online or not. however instead of plowing forward and making only my vision, i've decided to compromise. there is still a pm history list, but its been merged with the online list. people you have whispered too will be perpetually apart of the list (you will have the option to remove them, but they will automatically clear out after 2 weeks of no activity with them). if they are online, they will show at the top of the list with the rest of the users, if they are offline or go invisible, they will be moved to the bottom of the list (until they come online or you initiate a chat with them). if you receive a PM that PM will move to the top of the list. Note: keep in mind this is still an alpha, and not the finalized version, as you can see there are bugs that creep up in the video.
  12. Michael

    Babble Version 3 Update

    i've restarted both servers over the weekend, let me know if they are still stuck.
  13. Michael

    Babble Version 3 Update

    It will return in version 3. there were a few sites that were having connections ranging up into the several thousands due the counts (multiple tabs, large influx of guest activity). Had to completely rethink it for v3 to avoid that issue with the chat service, as one site having that many connections, degraded the service for everyone else.
  14. Michael

    Babble Version 3 Update

    it was restarted last night, are they still "stuck" in it? out of curiosity, is this stuck user a random user always or is it the same one? I'll look into options, but right now i'm gonna say this probably wont happen, as the "rooms" and "pm" list code is already been done and they are pretty integral already. I might consider replacing the PM list and replacing it with an online list, make it a setting in the ACP and then having the user icon bring up the PM list instead of a online list, would that be better?