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  1. they felt it was redundant, that duplicates weren't the highest priority.
  2. it doesn't do email notifications, when i beta tested the feature, people in the beta test complained, so i removed it (this was a few years ago), i don't see myself adding it back in either.
  3. you can enable/disable the notifications on your account via notifications settings:
  4. i think you misunderstood my reply, i was talking about a notification being sent to people marked as a moderator in the acp about duplicates being logged, it is not the same notifcation that is sent to the user doing the duplicate. yes it sends notifications to the moderators of the site of duplicates. the duplicates show up in the acp, but the same interface can be access in the moderator control panel as well (so those who don't have access to the ACP can still manage the duplicates).
  5. you can exclude an entire group or individual people from being flagged. for groups you can exclude them in cjdml settings. for individual members, you can go to their acp profile and edit the preferences to exclude them: you can also leave a note there, that explains why they are being excluded.
  6. it sends a notification based on users and groups in the moderator section in the acp.
  7. Michael

    Add Menu Issue

    Changed Status from Work in Progress to Closed Changed Fixed In to Next Version
  8. Michael

    Add Menu Issue

    Changed Status from Pending to Work in Progress
  9. Michael

    Menu's out of line

    Changed Status from Work in Progress to Closed Changed Fixed In to Next Version
  10. Michael

    Menu's out of line

    it is in the JS, it is measuring the wrong element to determine where to place the menu when it is opened. I'll work on it, and will release an update when it is ready.
  11. Michael

    Menu's out of line

    Changed Status from Pending to Work in Progress
  12. check the settings in the ACP make sure you have the forums selected and which forums for it to work in. there could be a conflict with another app as well. i've llifted all the restrictions i can in the code to get it to run, so now its either gotta be server related or conflict with another third party app or plugin.
  13. There are two terms you will often hear in the FOSS world, you might think they mean the same thing but you they do not. Free as in beer and Free as in speech/freedom. They sound like they are saying the same thing but they really don't. Free as in beer, is getting something without payment. That is all it really means, you could try to find a deeper meaning in it, but you would be hard pressed to find one. This is what it means in the FOSS world too, if some one says 'Try Ubuntu, its free as in beer', they just mean it doesn't have a monetary cost. I chose these words very ca
  14. A breakdown of features of the devtoolbox for IPS. Repository link: https://github.com/codingjungle/toolbox/tree/dev clone the dev repository to get the latest features and fixes, the xp branch is for new features that might not be stable or complete.
  15. Michael

    Babble 3.0 Beta

    Babble 3.0 Beta is now available, contact me if you wish to be apart of the beta. Below is the video showing off babble 3.0 and its abilities and differences. Babble 3.0 is also currently running on my site here. (video is still uploading, so it might take some time before its available for viewing).
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