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  1. @Steph40 if you could send me the app, i could prolly figure out why they conflict.
  2. Changed Status from No Response to Waiting
  3. Changed Status from Work in Progress to Closed Changed Fixed In to Next Version
  4. Michael

    Babble Stopped working

    Changed Status from Pending to Closed
  5. Michael

    Babble Stopped working

    it should be working now, there seems to have been a hiccup in the networking that has been resolved. btw only 12 more days are left before i shut down the babble chat service servers for babble chat 2.9.
  6. you mean on this site? i'll have to increase those limits, i don't think i ever touched them, so they are probably still defaults (as i never intended the site to be one of discussion, but i can see the need for increased attachment sizes :) ).
  7. I see what you mean now. when you have babble enabled, and not using the global chat bar and open up the widget manager, it triggers the idle altert for babble. yeah its def not suppose to be doing that, it honestly shouldn't even have anything loaded for babble if you aren't on a page with a widget for it if the global chatbar is disabled. I'll get it fixed for the next version.
  8. Changed Status from Waiting to Work in Progress
  9. Changed Status from Pending to Waiting
  10. can i get a bigger image? i really can't tell what was is going on in such a small image.
  11. Michael

    Error with babble

    Changed Status from Pending to Work in Progress Changed Fixed In to Next Version
  12. Michael

    Error with babble

    sorry 3.0.1
  13. Michael

    Error with babble

    are you on the latest babble release? cause i fixed this issue in 3.0.2
  14. Changed Status from Pending to Waiting
  15. i don't have that app, so i can't test against it.
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