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    From the album: Stratagem

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    From the album: Stratagem

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    From the album: Stratagem

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    From the album: Stratagem

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    From the album: Stratagem

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    From the album: Stratagem

  7. From the album: Stratagem

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    From the album: Stratagem

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    From the album: Stratagem

  10. Michael

    Babble 2.9

    I will begin work on babble 2.9 in the next few weeks. what features would you like to see in babble 2.9? https://codingjungle.com/stratagem/projects/4-babble/
  11. This guide is for how to configure and setup sockets for stratagem 2.0.0+ Requirements: ssh access node.js installed (this should work with any of the latest available versions of node.js, i tested on version 10,11,12 and 13) adding/crating init script for your stratagem.js app for node.js npm ftp client Installing and setting up node.js is your responsibility, i will not be able to offer support on this, your host should be able to assist you in this regard. I will be offering a sockets service for stratagem at a later date or i can setup a nodejs for you at additional cost (its maintenance and upkeep will be your responsibility afterwards).
  12. This video is quite long, but it basically a run down of all the new features and changes to stratagem for 2.0
  13. Michael


    Changed Status from Closed to Work in Progress Changed Fixed In from 2.8.9 to Next Version
  14. Changed Status from Work in Progress to Waiting
  15. I've test here logged into my main account on my phone and logged in as another member here. watching it on the on the browser logged into another acount, i've switched tabs on my phone (android 9, chrome) and my main account remains in the room. is there any more details you can provide? am i misunderstanding the problem?
  16. Michael

    Feedback for widgets

    Changed Status from Pending to Suggestion
  17. Changed Status from No Response to Work in Progress
  18. Changed Status from Pending to Work in Progress
  19. it might be the ipad closing the connection when they switch tabs. ipadOS is very aggressive when minimizing impact of background processes (its how they can squeeze every second out of the battery), i don't believe i've experienced this with an android phone (i know its not an exact comparison), so i'd have to say it might not be something i can fix, i'll see what i can do.
  20. Michael

    Feedback for widgets

    hello, i haven't made any widgets for the app, but have some planned for 2.1 (2.0 is still in beta, so 2.1 is just in planning stages for now, so no ETA on it). there are sections in stratagem currently for "my cards" which show cards you have created/been assigned too and ones you have tracked (for time purposes). there are also various stats and charts you can access for the projects in the projects themselve (which are controlled by team permissions (similar to group permissions, but specifically targetted for that project). let me know if you have any additional questions. Regards, Michael
  21. I'm aware of the issue, it wasn't happening on my local, but a few other people have pointed it out that it happens on their site. i don't know the exact cause of it, but figured out a way to get past it. i'm currently testing the fix now, so i will update the app when done with my testing.
  22. Changed Status from Pending to Work in Progress Changed Fixed In to Next Version
  23. Michael


    it would've been far more useful to have posted what the actual error than claiming babble is unstable.
  24. Michael


    i can't reproduce the issue and it is very hard to "fix" something you can get to work without any issue. so what other problems have you had? if i don't know about the problems, i can't fix them either.
  25. Michael


    some one else has reported it not working, where the origins of that video i made came from. are there any errors in your system log?
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