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  1. don't have a firm date yet, finishing up the new features and interface, and about to enter a beta period for it before releasing.

    in the meantime, i've released a new version 2.7.4 for chat service, that uses a site cache for online counts (it updates every 15 minutes) it wont give a real time count, but it will show at least that some one has visited in the last 15 minutes. users who are in babble, will still get real time counts. hope this helps with the activity issue. 

  2. 19 hours ago, Pit said:

    Still not working...? ☹️



    13 hours ago, Kjell Iver Johansen said:

    In chat here on thsi site we can't see what we are shouting. Might be a permission set wrong somewhere?

    i broke the commands class, i have it fixed, but there were other things i wanted to get working before i went into "beta"

  3. 5 hours ago, peopleandchat said:


    babble chat messages are run thru the text parser for IPS, which should already be doing the built in profanity filter, but i'll double check, maybe its an extra step (you never know with IPS any more :))

    5 hours ago, peopleandchat said:


    as in the unix timestamp?

    5 hours ago, peopleandchat said:


    click on the gear icon, you will see there are already sound notification options (for new message, send messages and whispers).

    5 hours ago, peopleandchat said:


    there is already an option in the settings to set the status. i don't really want to clutter up the UI with little buttons :)

    5 hours ago, peopleandchat said:


    i can make it where if they are a friend in the profile, that it can do this, but it might not be in the initial release.


  4. On 6/26/2018 at 3:17 PM, devans said:

    To save space and condense, have you considered consolidating messages when the same user posts 2 or more times in a row?


    Example, currently its like this:

    Person 1: Hi
    Person 1: How are you?
    Person 1: Anything new?
    Person 2: Hello!


    What about instead it would be like:

    Person 1: Hi
    How are you?
    Anything new?

    Person 2: Hello!


    It may not seem like much space saved at first glance, but for each message with how it currently is, there is an avatar for each message, and the line-height of each one, etc. When condensed it would only show the avatar and poster once, and height would be based off the combined messages only.


    Hopefully this makes sense, otherwise I can try and whip up an example image.

    i've thought about grouping, i have commented out code for it, but it was a lot of buggy. i might revisit it after v3 releases.

  5. 3 hours ago, Chosen said:

    I don't think whisper isn't working properly.  Should I be able to see whispers between other people? 

    I rolled over your latest post and clicked on the whisper icon and it loaded a chat between Supratec and Smen that was originally a scroll within a scroll in the sidebar. 


    When I reloaded the chat that same whisper was now in the main chat area.  Any time I try to start a whisper with you I see the same discussion between Supratec and Smen.

    If I click on Smen's whisper icon I go to a page that just has your comments in it.

    an oddity indeed, for me it just stalls out, doesn't do anything like that.that is when you are hitting the + button next to "online" correct? 

  6. 1 hour ago, peopleandchat said:

    Online list is a must for most people? Why because if you want to know who comes and goes. Some people like to look at others profiles. Coming in to a room which you don’t know if someone is their is really bad barrier for users to see. Other wise the product you offer us have here would not be much different from php scoutbox. 

    there was still a online list, the only difference was it wasn't always shown, how it is in like slack/rocket chat. a PM history list showed the status of the people you had sent PM's too, to me those would be most likely the people i was interested in chatting with and seeing if they were online or not. 

    however instead of plowing forward and making only my vision, i've decided to compromise. there is still a pm history list, but its been merged with the online list. people you have whispered too will be perpetually apart of the list (you will have the option to remove them, but they will automatically clear out after 2 weeks of no activity with them). if they are online, they will show at the top of the list with the rest of the users, if they are offline or go invisible, they will be moved to the bottom of the list (until they come online or you initiate a chat with them).  if you receive a PM that PM will move to the top of the list. 

    Note: keep in mind this is still an alpha, and not the finalized version, as you can see there are bugs that creep up in the video. 

  7. On 6/8/2018 at 3:10 AM, Kjell Iver Johansen said:

    Yes - still stuck so I use the EU server. It varies who get stuck..

    i've restarted both servers over the weekend, let me know if they are still stuck.

  8. 4 hours ago, alexwebsites said:

    One thing that is very missed is the main menu chat count. It used to show to all whether in chat or not (guests also) and draw people into chat. Now people think nobody is chatting so they don't go in there.

    It will return in version 3. there were a few sites that were having connections ranging up into the several thousands due the  counts (multiple tabs, large influx of guest activity). Had to completely rethink it for v3 to avoid that issue with the chat service, as one site having that many connections, degraded the service for everyone else. 

  9. 14 hours ago, Kjell Iver Johansen said:

    I understand the technical part of the online list. I have one user stuck inside a chatroom on the USA server right now. Maybe have a restart of the service once a day? 

    it was restarted last night, are they still "stuck" in it? out of curiosity, is this stuck user a random user always or is it the same one?

    14 hours ago, Kjell Iver Johansen said:

    Anyway - I would like to see "Users" instead of "Rooms". Maybe have a selector of any kind there.

    I'll look into options, but right now i'm gonna say this probably wont happen, as the "rooms" and "pm" list code is already been done and they are pretty integral already. I might consider replacing the PM list and replacing it with an online list, make it a setting in the ACP and then having the user icon bring up the PM list instead of a online list, would that be better?

  10. On 6/1/2018 at 3:41 AM, Kjell Iver Johansen said:

    In a block we could have at the bottom? Or in the sidebar?


    19 hours ago, alexwebsites said:

    I would agree that an online list in the sidebar is going to be missed. If you have to click that icon to see an online list, I would incorporate a bubble of a count floating above it of how many people are currently in the room.

    I'm not completely closed to having an online list. slack and rocket chat are two chats i'm drawing inspiration from for babble v3,  i'm also aiming to make v3 as "compact" as possible (as one of the complaints for v2 there is too much "white space" and/or its layout is ineffective or outdated). 

    the online list i'm envisioning for v3 (the popup) wont be separated by room, it will show which rooms the members are currently connected too (well the ones you have access too, other wise if they are connected to a different set of rooms that you don't have access to, it will just show them being online). 

    the other problem, where to put it. the channel block can be place on the left or the right side (default is the right side), what i'll prolly end up doing, is putting it on the side of the channel block that touches the message window and give people the option to collapse it. 

    my other huge concern is the aforementioned sync problem.  in v2 i tried to maintain a list on the node side of things and then updated as people logged in/off from it. this proved far more difficult than originally thought, as there were various issues with ghosting (people appearing there, but not actually there) and creepers (people who didn't appear there, but were able to chat, but they weren't logged in as anon). in v3, i'm adding their user data to their socket connection and then crawling the connected sockets when a request is made (it is how the new whisper history list works, it makes a request, just like the online list when a button is pushed) and then when they disconnect or log in, it emits a notification about that. so all the elements are already there for a always on online list, so i don't think the problems that use to exist in v2, will exist in v3. i don't want to promise that it wont have issues, as those sort of promises seem to have a tendency of biting me.

    I'll add in a option to enable the online list, but i will mark it as "experimental". i will support it within reason, but if it causes me grief like v2's online list has, i will remove it. 

  11. 2 hours ago, Kjell Iver Johansen said:

    Another thing. The users inside each room need to be displayed ... or at least we need the option to display it on the sidebar as today?

    the "always" visible online list isn't gonna be an option in 3, there will be an icon in the "channel" sidebar there, that you can click to see who's "online", it will list which rooms the people are currently "in" (if you have the ability to see the room that is, so if they are also a member of a room you can't see, you wont see it there). the list that comes up in the video, the one where i started the "whisper" from, is the new online list in a basic form.

    2 hours ago, Kjell Iver Johansen said:

    I would like to see a invite command that could send an invitation via IPS notifications to users not in Babble but on the board. Is that possible?

    can you elaborate a bit more? as i will be adding in the ability to create "group chats" that you need to invite people too, that will send them a notification if they aren't online, providing an "acceptance" link (for people online in the chat, it will notify them there).

  12. 2 minutes ago, Kjell Iver Johansen said:

    Thats why I use only stock IPs themes. My users are oldtimers and like it simple..

    i've been thinking of doing that here, going back to the "default" template. I am not a "skinner" myself, and my skill doesn't really lay with it, so i have no real "reason" to be flashy on this site. I do like this "matter" theme, but it was one that has had several issues with containing "old" html from 4.1 in it.  it also has other issues like white text on white background, that i have to fix when i find it :( so it might actually be hurting this site by having it up. 

  13. 36 minutes ago, skibs said:

    Cats are always cute! (I have 6 real ones) :) 

    some one on the IPS forums had suggested it awhile back, I was busy at the time. the other day i was looking at it again and was like "this shouldn't be too hard to do". viola here they are, and last night trying to get the "offset" right for the letters (as for whatever reason my host uninstalled or didn't upgrade imagemagick) was driving me insane so i was like "cats, cats will do for now". 

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  14. 4 hours ago, Kjell Iver Johansen said:

    Their cute - the cats :). Congrats with upgrade - all seems OK. I have upgraded 1 out of my 3 sites.

    be careful, the 4 sites i upgraded this weekend, even tho the theme authors have said they are "4.2" compatible, i'm finding a lot of themes to containing old html from 4.1 (like on 3 of the sites, i had to revert several templates to stock, cause they didn't have reactions and/or the clubs header wasn't showing up)

  15. 3 hours ago, Steph40 said:

    I didn't really use keywords like I wanted to anyways, wanted use it to sponsor some keywords but my community is too small for now. Might be nice to link keywords to commerce for that instead of doing it manually, just a thought.


    I have a client i built a custom version of keywords for, that it takes all the titles from one pages database, and makes keywords out of 'em. so when they get used in another pages database, they get linked and anchors built at the bottom of the page, kinda like a "citations" list on wikipedia. 

    another client uses it for advertisements and coupon codes, so when something goes on sale at say target or walmart, he reactivates the keyword, puts the ad info or coupon code in it. he also uses it to insert affiliate links in to his content, so if some one wants to buy something say from amazon, they see it linked in an article or the forums, they click on it and it takes them to his affiliate link. 

    there are a lot of uses for it :) i guess it is where i'm going with this. i'm always amazed what people do with my stuff. like cjmenu, i know this one guy who built a custom menu group, and placed it at the bottom of his website and uses the icon upload feature to put up a comic strip each week. another client uses the same feature, but uses it to show award icons won for their organization, then uses the same feature again, to show sponsors and affiliates in the footer. another person uses the "magic block" feature, to show important announcements and/or latest updates/news to the site and for the hobby he host the website for.  so yeah, if you use my stuff in a unique way, let me know, i always get a kick out of it :) 

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  16. 14 hours ago, InsideEdge said:

    Are you planning to upgrade CJmenu for 4.2?   Any approx timeline?

    yes i am planning on it, it needs a bit of work overall. cjmenu was my first app for IPS 4, so there were some mistakes made with it. then i added a bunch of stuff to it, and now it is this "mess" of code that needs some TLC. i will probably this weekend get the CSS worked out for it, and then start work on a CJ Menu 5. 

    4 hours ago, Steph40 said:

    Keywords - untested --- Causes an error when editing members groups.


    yeah its the content router, it use to expect the parameter passed to it to be a \IPS\Member object or something, now there is no type casting to it, and they pass i think \IPS\Member\Group to it. shouldn't be a big fix, but there are a few features i want to get added to it as well. keywords and cj menu get kinda ignored for long periods cause they are relatively stable thru updates. 

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