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  1. Babble

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    On 6/21/2018 at 12:04 PM, gxone said:


    the content chat bots should get advanced functionality. My members wish require/ask/beg for more attention as they feel, that the bots are acting too trivial and boring after time...


    • Implement a "trigger pause" for content bots, so they are paused for a specified amount of time (some minutes) until they can be triggered again
    • Implement "alternative responses" (for the same keyword/keyphrase), that are displayed randomly or sequentially, so responses change and I could add like 10 different behavior responses for the same keyword)
    • Implement "bots answers that only show to specified member groups"

    I would generally assume you are cyboman over on the IPS forum, but incase you are not :P, i've addressed this in more detail here:


    not all the requested features will end up in babble and only a few will end up in the initial release of v3, but i'm always open to suggestions :). Hopefully the features i do add in v3 for the bots, will be beneficial to everyones communities as i've added a few new ones, along with the old ones and the bot configuration is less messy than it was in v2 (instead of a bot being tied to a room, it is its own node now, allowing you to select which rooms to attach it too, along with which groups to send out too).

    I'll be writing up a more in depth article on the front page about bots in the near future as i get closer to getting them laid out and some what functional in v3. so stay tuned :) 


  2. Babble Chat Service

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    Just now, devans said:

    For another tab, I'm assuming you mean the chatbox itself, instead of a new browser tab. If so, then yes, that could work. I'm unsure of how your code works as i haven't dug into it too much, so if that's the easiest solution than by all means. I just figured you could do an ajax refresh or something of the chatbox area only.

    in its current form, an ajax request wouldn't be enough (as the namespace the socket.io is the room), in version 3 this will be easier to do, so that will be something in 3. right now the easiest thing to do, would be when it is a widget, to have it open in a new tab.

    2 minutes ago, devans said:

    As for multiple clubs, if the fear is the list becoming too large for the rooms a nice work around would be to have a /join command. /join "General", /join "Trading Nexus" or something like that.

    yeah, not a bad idea, i'll take it into consideration for version 3.

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  3. Babble Chat Service

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    2 minutes ago, devans said:

    The main thing I'd like to see addressed is when switching rooms. Currently I have Babble at the bottom of several pages, one of which is a game I've integrated with my forum. When switching rooms, I am navigated away from the game page and taken to the babble page. This is of course undesirable as the Chat box on the game page is a huge favorite. Is there anyway we can fix this?

    so you'd want it to open up another tab if it is the widget switching rooms?

    2 minutes ago, devans said:

    The second thing I'd like to see is club chat rooms to be accessible from ANY chat widget and not just on the clubs page itself. Basically if a members is apart of a club and that club has a chat room, the club chat room should show up in the list of rooms for said person.

    not a bad idea, only question would be how to handle it if they are in multiple clubs, I'll see about it for version 3.

  4. Babble

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    5 hours ago, Pit said:

    I just learned that pressing up the Up Arrow allows you to edit your latest message (awesome!). In the same scheme, I would think that pressing the Down Arrow should cycle your latest messages so you can send them again. Just a thought.


    its a good idea, but it might drive people insane. I use the keyboard arrow keys to move about in a message (on any messenger, like slack or skype as well), having it "scroll" thru other messages might confuse other users as well, i could make it like a key combo, like holding down the shift+up or down, that might be enough for some. there are several keyboard shortcuts for babble planned that haven't been implemented yet. 

    5 hours ago, Pit said:

    Allow users to resize the chat area (Drag up or down the elBabbleList).


    i'll put it on the "to consider" list.

    5 hours ago, Pit said:

    Instead of 3 columns per message, it might look better for a more compact screen if the Username, User Photo, and the time were all in the same area. And then the message could float left next to the user photo, right under the name. I have some users with very long names so I have extended the first column so the names do not break. The proportions of the name to message columns just don't feel right with the wasted area between the name and message:


    yeah the template sucks as it is, as i modeled it after the IPS Chat one, as i thought the "look and feel" of the old chat would be appealing to most people, but it really makes it feel archaic. I am not sure "version 2" will see any template changes, but version 3 has, imho, a much improved interface over version 2, which includes message templates, which has a |-- style template, where the username/date is above the message and the avatar is to the left of it (or right, depends if it is your message or not, sorta how skype does it).  

  5. Like i said, its not meant to be fool proof, it is just a simple system to try to catch dupes. There are other methods to validate against, but they aren't always reliable, and then there are some that can actually get your site tagged as "malicious" for doing them, so i thought it was in my and your best interest to keep it simple and unobtrusive as possible. 

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