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    Babble Version 3 Alpha 1

    I don't think whisper isn't working properly. Should I be able to see whispers between other people? I rolled over your latest post and clicked on the whisper icon and it loaded a chat between Supratec and Smen that was originally a scroll within a scroll in the sidebar. When I reloaded the chat that same whisper was now in the main chat area. Any time I try to start a whisper with you I see the same discussion between Supratec and Smen. If I click on Smen's whisper icon I go to a page that just has your comments in it.
  2. Chosen

    Babble Chat Service

    Congrats on the upcoming launch of the chat service. I hope that this will get more people that used the ips chat to switch over.
  3. Chosen

    Version 3 so far

    Thanks for creating and sharing the video. I'm looking forward to v3.
  4. Sorry for not putting more detail in my initial post. I initially had the problem using Firefox on Windows 10. I'll give you some more info to go on next time.
  5. I think you previously fixed the auto-scroll issue for the rooms, per this entry: It appears that there is still an issue with whispers not being scrolled. Is it possible to do the same fix that you did for the rooms to whispers?
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