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    New content notifications

    I posted the follow up with the wrong app. I am using the service. Not sure if that matters or now. Here's a little more information. The notifications are showing up fine if someone posts in one of the club forums. But I have posted in every regular forum and haven't received a notification for any of them. I have selected "All" forums.
  2. Chosen

    Argh... More issues

    Whisper doesn't work for me either.
  3. Chosen

    Unable to Receive Sound

    Nothing plays when someone else posts to the chat. Everything else plays sounds normally, but not the receive sounds. I've tried to change the sounds and turn it on and off.
  4. Chosen

    New content notifications

    I have tried to use the notification bot and it isn't posting anything in the chat. I have it enabled and have synced it to the rooms.
  5. Chosen

    New content notifications

    After switching from my hosted babble to the chat service I have noticed that the site content notifications don't work the same way. The posts used to appear in real time when something was added to the site. Now with the service they only appear if a user leaves chat and goes back in. Is this a bug, an intentional thing, or something that I set up incorrectly?
  6. Chosen

    Babble Version 3 Alpha 1

    I don't think whisper isn't working properly. Should I be able to see whispers between other people? I rolled over your latest post and clicked on the whisper icon and it loaded a chat between Supratec and Smen that was originally a scroll within a scroll in the sidebar. When I reloaded the chat that same whisper was now in the main chat area. Any time I try to start a whisper with you I see the same discussion between Supratec and Smen. If I click on Smen's whisper icon I go to a page that just has your comments in it.
  7. Chosen

    Babble Chat Service

    Congrats on the upcoming launch of the chat service. I hope that this will get more people that used the ips chat to switch over.
  8. Chosen

    Version 3 so far

    Thanks for creating and sharing the video. I'm looking forward to v3.
  9. Sorry for not putting more detail in my initial post. I initially had the problem using Firefox on Windows 10. I'll give you some more info to go on next time.
  10. I think you previously fixed the auto-scroll issue for the rooms, per this entry: It appears that there is still an issue with whispers not being scrolled. Is it possible to do the same fix that you did for the rooms to whispers?
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