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  1. Hello @Michael I have just installed the latest version but there is still the same issue. Could you help me ?
  2. Hi, I have just upgraded with the last version. Now there is no more spaces between punctuations. But links to keywords don't appear on forum post. I didn't remember if there was a menu in admin cp for keywords tooltip app ? I can't find it (the app is active) Thank you
  3. Hi, I have the same issue. It beakes all the post of my forum. @Michael When do you expect to fix this issue ? It seems a little issue, but it is not I think Thank you
  4. numismatique


    There is no more space between the keyword and the words around
  5. The bug is fixed. But I think there is another little problem : There is no more space between the keyword and the words around
  6. Too hard to fix with a patch for this version ?
  7. You are true !! I remember now Now I am setting the adverts with another way.
  8. The app creates a tab on user profile. Most of user (99.9%) don't (and won't) create any keywords, so this tab is usually empty Is it possible to show the tab only if the member created almost one keyword ? OR/AND? Add a setting on ACP to deactivate the tab ?
  9. If there is no keywords on a letter, don't show it on keyword index.
  10. numismatique


    It would be better to use ckeditor for content keyword area.
  11. Here is the url of the image : ...../uploads/monthly_2016_12/58454dff21530_monnaie-jetonidentifier(4)-Copie.JPG.6b893c0e0024b192960142c696840fb3.JPG The spaces are replaced by - But the original image name is keeped intact for the alt tag
  12. Maybe it occurs in a very special case. On one of the topics, there were an image with this name jeton is a keyword "à" is a french special caracter which could cause some problems sometimes
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