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  1. JoelR

    Feedback on Strategem

    Project Types -- copy the club types of Open, Public, Closed, Private etc. I just realized that maybe some project owners don't want non-project members to see or view the issues, or they want members to see the project but not the issues inside, or anyone can contribute to the project, etc.
  2. JoelR

    Feedback on Strategem

    I don't think that makes sense. A memberlist of the projects should show all members. That's like a club, where everybody from club leader to regular members are all listed.
  3. JoelR

    Feedback on Strategem

    This is based on the YouTube video. Also, it's kind of late so my stream of consciousness might be all over the place so take my suggestions and feedback for what it is. 1. Suggestion: When add Project, add picture. Because everyone likes pictures. Also, when projects are created, do you auto-change the color background on default project icon? Never mind, I think that's a yes based on your demo 2. Suggestion: By default, you should auto-create any new project with 3 columns so admins can see it working out the box. 3. Suggestion: In Automation settings of column, add following description for Badges: "If a card is moved to this column, add these badges automatically." 4. Suggestion: In Automation setting of column, add option to lock / never change a tag. For example, you may want to make a certain tag transferrable. This might be better at a project-level setting too. 5. Suggestion: In settings of Column, you can combine Colors and General tab. I don't see a need to have two tabs for two settings. 6. Question: When you move columns, you only move columns within what is visible. But what about columns that are off-screen? How can you move columns (or cards) to those positions? 7. Suggestion: On a card for default user, hovertip should show "Unassigned User." 9. Suggestion: On a card, when assigning user, be able to add a non-project user that auto-invites user. For example, even before AwesomeTucker is added to the project, you assign AwesomeTucker on a card. This prompts the permission dialogue, adds AwesomeTucker as member, and sends notification invitation all in one-go. 10. Suggestion: On a card with deadline, show date (or remaining days) on card summary. On a more advanced note, you can then sort within column of upcoming deadlines. Also, is card sort order within column saved as a per user setting? For example, Joel may have card order A B C in Column Alpha. AwesomeTucker may have card order B A C in Column Alpha. 11. Suggestion: In project or column settings, allow assignment of default user. 12. Suggestion: In project creation, ask to add members from beginning. In project creation, define default permissions when adding new members. 13. Bug: In Project Settings > Members, it was initially blank even though the project creator should be shown by default. Also, as a suggestion, I think it would be appropriate to list the project creator as Project Leader and to lock all available settings. This also brings up the question of layers of permission: Project Creator Community Moderator -- can they edit any or all project settings? Can they be assigned to specific categories of projects where they only have moderation rights in that particular category? What are the moderator rights? Community Administrator -- can they edit any or all project settings? What are the admin rights? 14. Trash Area - That really impressed me. Are cards always saved in the trash area? Do they ever expire after X days? What does the display look like with 100 cards? 15. Suggestion: Add 'clear all' or reset ability to Filters sidebar. 16. Question: What's the purpose of card deadlines? I didn't see a timeline of upcoming or pending cards. How does this relate to project deadline? What if a card is near deadline or overdue? Is there a visual change on the card? Also, when creating a column, I think it might be appropriate to define, as default, either 'no deadline' or 'X days out.' For example, in one column for "Ideas" you may want to not show any deadline. But in another column for "Critical," you want cards to be created by default with a deadline 2 days out from card creation. 17. Suggestion: When deleting a column, ask to auto-move cards to another column. 18. Question: Can you delete a project? 19. Bug: Check the Edit Project. You have two layers of menu. 20. Bug: When creating a card, you can't highlight existing text for formatting. It only allows you to format new text. 21. Suggestion: In card details > add / remove badge, show a space to add a badge like what you have around badge choices. Otherwise it's just an empty space that user won't know about. 22. Question: How do you delete a card? 23. Question: How do you save card details? For example, I tried to enter in a due date and a new description, but there's no save. 24. Bug: In Strategem project on CodingJungle, filter for Closed. Template error: [[Template stratagem/front/columns/column is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] [[Template stratagem/front/columns/column is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] [[Template stratagem/front/columns/column is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] [[Template stratagem/front/columns/column is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] [[Template stratagem/front/columns/column is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] [[Template stratagem/front/columns/column is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] [[Template stratagem/front/columns/column is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] Filters General questions: 1. Are cards, columns, and / or projects searchable using IPS search? 2. Extreme edge cases of word length -- What if there are extreme length descriptions for the Project Name? Column name? Badges? Card description? 3. Extreme edge cases of content count -- What if there are hundreds of columns? Hundreds of cards? Hundreds of members? Hundreds of projects? Is the app scalable in both UIX and workflow? For example, You need a way to multi-select all cards in a column You need a way to multi-select cards in different columns You need a way to inline moderate multiple cards to hide, trash, merge How will you organize trash area with hundreds of discarded cards? How can you move multiple cards from trash to a column? Can you archive projects or move them to another category? 4. Rich embed to a project or card to which users can link / share elsewhere on the board? (Really liked the one-click link on the card) 5. If cards are complete, should they be kept in the column? Won't that clutter up a column since eventually all cards get complete (in an ideal world)? 6. Can projects be filtered or sorted on Project Index? For example: Filter: All Projects, My Projects Projects where I'm Project Leader Sort: Title, Deadline, Create Date 7. This is just a pet peeve 8. Pin / Feature / Report / Hide / Merge cards, columns, or projects? Future Consideration: 1. User Dashboard -- So a user can see his upcoming cards from multiple projects without having to view individual projects 2. Custom fields -- Allow project creators to be able to define their own custom fields for Columns and Cards, which will give them greater flexibility. Also, allow users to define the text of their own Completion milestone. For example, in some projects, it may be: Accepted, Launched, Resolved. 3. Space -- I feel like white space can be better utilized. For example: White space of card summary -- in general, the card height wastes a lot especially on short descriptions White space between the Project Title and columns of hidden Trash area White space in card details of general description when empty White space in card details of comments when no comments 4. Suite Integration -- I don't have a totally clear idea on this, but something like: Pushing a download comment or review to a card Pushing an IP.Commerce support ticket into a card 5. Related Cards -- Be able to relate cards or create dependencies. So you can have a parent card with 3 children cards. This can tie into a milestone / time tracking system. 6. Upvote -- Allow non-project users to be able to upvote / downvote cards, which are tallied and displayed on the card summary. 7. Card styles -- Different card styles, like post-it notes. Because users like seeing cute designs.
  4. JoelR

    Inline Moderation

    As a follow-up, I'd like multi-select moderation of both the main logger screen: And in the 'Actions' button > Show Alts: Sometimes when I check my CJ Duplicate Member Logger after a couple of weeks, I have multiple users that have queued up and I'd like to mass-select them for certain actions. PM all of them, Delete all of them, Remove record, etc.
  5. JoelR

    Suggestion: Add notification to moderator

    Add a notification to the moderator / administrator Otherwise, there's no front-end notice except by going into the ModCP and manually inspecting.
  6. JoelR

    Suggestion: Add ban reason

    When you ban using CJ DML, there's no reason given. Even a default short one would be appropriate to remind myself later on why he was removed.
  7. JoelR

    Inline Moderation

    Updates on this?
  8. JoelR

    Inline Moderation

    I'd like multi-selection of inline moderation For example, I can select all choices > PM All or Ban All
  9. JoelR

    Standard message

    Suggestion: Please allow admin to enter a standard message that is emailed / PM / notification. Reason: It's an open field right now. I would rather have a standard message where I can cover the same set of information like site policies, how to resolve, how to contact me, etc.
  10. what an awesome kitty!

  11. Thanks for the recent update. That is all.
  12. Please add a notification to the "reported content" icon so admins and moderators know they have a pending account to review in DML. There was an account flagged on 04/03 on my community, and the only reason why I noticed is that I happened to be checking all of my third-party apps for updates in the Marketplace.
  13. Similar to Moderator reports, I'd like to suggest marking the member reports for DML as "complete" or "archive." This means they'll appear in a separate / non-active category, but will still be saved for future reference. The reason why I bring this up is because I feel like I'm flagging an account today on a certain member that I flagged many months ago, but I have no record of it. At the same time, I don't want the current report to continue being listed in DML.
  14. Minor suggestion to the text Suggested revision:
  15. JoelR

    Recent Illness