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  1. JoelR

    Standard message

    Suggestion: Please allow admin to enter a standard message that is emailed / PM / notification. Reason: It's an open field right now. I would rather have a standard message where I can cover the same set of information like site policies, how to resolve, how to contact me, etc.
  2. what an awesome kitty!

  3. Thanks for the recent update. That is all.
  4. Please add a notification to the "reported content" icon so admins and moderators know they have a pending account to review in DML. There was an account flagged on 04/03 on my community, and the only reason why I noticed is that I happened to be checking all of my third-party apps for updates in the Marketplace.
  5. Similar to Moderator reports, I'd like to suggest marking the member reports for DML as "complete" or "archive." This means they'll appear in a separate / non-active category, but will still be saved for future reference. The reason why I bring this up is because I feel like I'm flagging an account today on a certain member that I flagged many months ago, but I have no record of it. At the same time, I don't want the current report to continue being listed in DML.
  6. Minor suggestion to the text Suggested revision:
  7. JoelR

    Recent Illness

  8. You might add the device checker which will be built into 4.2
  9. Can you add a notification to the user bar when a duplicate member is caught? Otherwise, there's no way for me to know from the front-end without manually going into the ModCP. I went in today after 3 months and caught 5 members.
  10. JoelR

    Tooltip Content - Please put an Editor there!

    I brought this up with @Michael and in a future version there will be both option for both Plain Text or Editor.
  11. JoelR

    Problem with Special Character &

    Thanks, I was able to confirm that v3.0.12 caught all of the keywords with &.
  12. JoelR

    Problem with Special Character &

    Are you able to duplicate? I can test some more on my board.
  13. JoelR

    Allow record image or thumbnail

    Yeah, an attachment. I don't want to code
  14. Yeah, something akin to the profile hovercard with a banner photo and / or profile photo.
  15. A cover banner, record image, or small thumbnail would be great.