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  1. ianhenry817

    youtube bug

    Hi, Just wondered if you are any nearer fixing the youtube auto pull in issue? Thanks
  2. We currently have CJ menu installed but disabled because we are not ready to implement it yet. We are using this theme on the site - https://invisionpower.com/files/file/8349-designzshop-whitelabel/ The problem we are having is when we mouse over and select an active tab it is not changing to the color we have set in our custom css. The theme developer has asked me to check with you if cj menu could be causing this? If you need acp access let me know. He asked me to post the following Please let Michael know to use the demo theme. Also please let him know the only rule we are concerned about is this one /* Primary nav active Tab color & Tab text color */ .ipsNavBar_primary > ul > li.ipsNavBar_active > a { background: #FF0000!important none repeat scroll 0% 0%; color: #000; } I did see he uses white for his drop-down, that could be the cause
  3. ianhenry817

    invision techs reporting media causing furls issues

    It was 1 issue of a couple in ticket #973423
  4. ianhenry817

    invision techs reporting media causing furls issues

    I have uninstalled it now as it was breaking our site. Basically if I was adding a quiz or a my football page your app was stopping these other apps from working something to do with furls The invision tech that debugged it really is the person who can explain - Ryan Ashbrook - Development its all scotch mist to me
  5. ianhenry817

    invision techs reporting media causing furls issues

    Hi, I have no idea - it was invision tech support that posted all that info in a call ticket - I am not a tech I can confirm though once I had not only disabled your app but uninstalled it everything is working fine
  6. Best copy invision tech supports reply to explain it Actually, the error itself is coming from the Media application (though it's not actually causing the issue). It seems the Media app had an error code copied from Blog, which is why it seems like it is a reference. The actual underlying error is this, if I temporarily disable Media: http://take.ms/unOgq I did some debugging, and it seems like it is actually being caused by the Media app. If I go here, for example, and debug the request data: https://www.walkingfootball.com/chat/football/league/3-cheshire-walking-football-league-championship-2016/ http://take.ms/OrClX You'll note that it continuously references that application instead. So, I would actually contact the author of that application, as it seems the FURL's for that app may be too "generic" causing conflicts when many other apps are also present. Regards, Ryan Ashbrook - Development Invision Power Services, Inc. Reference: [SR973423.qdq] (do not remove this line when replying)
  7. ianhenry817

    Theme Slider appearing on videos page

    Hi, For some reason our index page slider is also appearing on the videos section http://www.walkingfootball.com/chat/media/ How do we stop the slider appearing on the videos page? All other plugins and applications are honoring not to display the slider
  8. ianhenry817

    image name with keyword in it

    Hi, We added a keyword called Graphene When checking an article all the images seem fine except the image using the keyword graphene in it. You can see all the images here http://www.graphene47.com/newbies-guide-to-graphene/intro-by-a-graphene-newbie/ apart from one which has the following code instead... graphene-new-wonder-material.jpg" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" data-fileid="9" src="http://www.graphene47.com/uploads/monthly_2016_04/graphene-new-wonder-material.jpg.24701e966f3328ba267829deeaaa8e29.jpg" />
  9. ianhenry817

    caSe Sesitive issue

    Hi we had case sensitivity switched off but the system only recognised the one version of the word Graphene with a capital G until we had to add the lowercase word as a alias