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  1. "Closed"? Why? No other comments to the issue?
  2. Hi @Michael, I have the same issue as the topic starter: no more duplicate logs created in the ACP, when NEW accounts are created by existing users! The video you provided represents the current, existing accounts of your main accounts, but you didn't try (in the video) to create a new account right after signing out of your main account! That is the problem @James Matthews explains in this topic: he talks about NEW accounts, which the existing users create, but not about the existing accounts of the main accounts, like in your video. When a user has a main account, lets call it Bill, and aside from it he has already another additional account "Steam", created somewhere in 2018, and he logs out of his main account Bill, and then signs in "Steam", so the logs WILL appear on the ACP, absolutely the same like in your video, so this process works without problem as by you, as on my board. But! Once Bill sings out of "Bill" account, and then creates A NEW account, NO logs will appear on the ACP! This issue exists already 2 weeks on my community, right after update my IPS board from 4.3.6 to 4.4.4, and update your application to version 1.2.1. I'm using IPS 4.4.4, Elastic search and Lazy Load are enabled, PHP v7.3.6. If any additional info needed, please let me know. Thanks,
  3. Hi @Michael, In the 1.2.0 version you have added inline notifications to ALL moderators about the new duplicate logs. Would you please change the settings so, that this kind of notification will come to only those moderators who have rights to see the Duplicate logs section in the ModPC. Currently this notification comes to any moderator, even if he has no right to check for the duplicate logs. Thanks,
  4. Just updated to ips 4.1.16. The issue with the deleting the logs still exists After removing the second log of an alternative account, it cleans ALL the 19 (nineteen) pages of my logs!! That's actually bad
  5. Hi, I just wanted to remove from the logs the records of two different users, first, I removed it successfully from the user #1, then, when removing the user #2 (another, different record), it cleans all the 3 pages of my logs! The latest Logger version installed: 1.0.9. Please kindly help to check what's going wrong there... Thanks,
  6. @Michael Hi, Is it a normal situation, when the account is logged without showing, who are the alts for this account? How to understand it? Could you please explain, why sometimes there are alts shown, and sometimes not? Here are two examples: versus:
  7. Good suggestion. Will certainly increase the power of this tool
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