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  1. Pit

    Babble v3 Alpha 6

    Still not working...? ☹️
  2. Pit


    Looking forward to the updates
  3. Pit


    Hi, I have a few ideas: I just learned that pressing up the Up Arrow allows you to edit your latest message (awesome!). In the same scheme, I would think that pressing the Down Arrow should cycle your latest messages so you can send them again. Just a thought. Allow users to resize the chat area (Drag up or down the elBabbleList). Instead of 3 columns per message, it might look better for a more compact screen if the Username, User Photo, and the time were all in the same area. And then the message could float left next to the user photo, right under the name. I have some users
  4. Yes. The room that's default when you load the index etc.
  5. This issue is this here on 2.6.6. However it only happens in the "global" room.
  6. Any updates on the horizon? Administrators still cannot edit messages, and some other nagging bugs. I'm really looking forward to the new version.
  7. oh, another question, do you use WHM/cPanel on you digital ocean? or just run a basic form of LAMP?
  8. Thanks, I'm familiar with Digital Ocean, I have 2 $5 droplets myself for various small things. But am a little scared to move the IPS forum to Digital Ocean because I do like the backup of having it 'managed' - they do help when I mess with caching and more complex stuff that I'm not familiar with. And the IPS instance I run is 20+ GB, not a fast migration, don't want down time. And since we're on that note, I've started using Google Cloud Engine for a VPS. Their system is very robust, but I really like their management console and pricing. You pay only when the server is on. And you can
  9. And more updates? Been awhile and I'm eager to see v3.
  10. The short answer for 2-4 I think is Yes. The config in Babble allows you to point to a different server, so you can run node on a stand alone droplet if you want. I had to open up CloudFlare on the port that node.js is running. PS. How does IPS run on Digital Ocean...? How big is your file structure and database?
  11. Pit


    One thing I would like to see, but not sure it's possible: I often have multiple tabs open, so I'll get a notification for every tab that I have open. I don't know if it's even possible, but wish only one notification would be sent regardless of how many tabs are open. Chat bar sounds cool. If it's functional enough, would this be able to replace the in-line space that Babble takes, or would it be specific to whispers? I think I'd still like the dedicated space for Babble in-line for the global/public chat. Any estimated time frame on V3 release? Thank you
  12. Pit

    Version 3 so far

    Looking forward to v3 as well. We bought the full version on IPS. I hope you don't drop support for the self-hosted, or if you do, let us hop into the service for free.
  13. Title says it all. It's like permissions aren't being applied?
  14. I just uploaded the new version. / "slash" / commands are now working! Thank you
  15. Any way I can troubleshoot this? I've re-uploaded the App and restarted the NodeJS
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