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  1. Pit

    Babble v3 Alpha 6

    Still not working...? ☹️
  2. Pit


    Looking forward to the updates
  3. Pit

    How's it going?

    Just checkin' in. Haven't seen much activity lately. Any plans, updates, roadmaps?
  4. Pit

    Add ability to ban/kick/ignore/mute from message

    I would think that's a good alternative. Some people don't like /slash commands.
  5. Pit

    Emoticons not working

    Emoticons are not getting parsed with the 2.5 update.
  6. Pit

    Word Filters don't work with BBCode

    I'm not sure what the Text Parser and lazyload things are. Does that mean the filters should be working? Or is it working as intended / built by IPS?
  7. Pit

    Word Filters don't work with BBCode

    PIT -- Replace text with [b][color=#FF0000]Pit Stains[/color][/b] -- Exact Using ^^ that ^^ just for an example.
  8. Pit

    Clicking on a user in the Online List bug

    When you click on a user in the Online List, all text that you had in the textarea gets erased.
  9. Pit

    Add ability to ban/kick/ignore/mute from message

    I'm aware of the /slash commands, but moderators were not. Just figured it would make it more user friendly... but at same time I see that having 10 options pop up every time you click someone is kinda a lot and probably doesn't look great.
  10. I see that when you click on a user from the Online List you get a different menu than when you click on their name corresponding to a message. Should they be the same? I think Ban and Kick should be available on the message, because the online list isn't always available.
  11. Pit

    Messages after "Load More" buggy

    What's the difference between releasing a patch versus next version? Just curious. edit: Oh I think I see the difference from the other post. Patch = a single file you can give us right now.
  12. Pit

    Guest cannot view the rooms

    Guest message is off. In fact, it won't let me enable it. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzlbMMKHsKIhd3NSczNueGJseDg/view?usp=sharing
  13. Pit

    Guest cannot view the rooms

    Screen Grab: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzlbMMKHsKIhMGpVUnZJbUJGYUU/view?usp=sharing Permissions set so guest can View only. However, guest just see the "Create an account or sign in to use Babble" message instead.
  14. Pit

    Editing messages with [img] bbcode Bug

    Screen Grab: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzlbMMKHsKIhNThRaXRKbkotN3M/view?usp=sharing After you edit a message with the [.img] bbcode the image no longer shows up.
  15. Pit

    Messages after "Load More" buggy

    Screen grab: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzlbMMKHsKIhM3lDMFh0NEUteWM/view?usp=sharing Messages past the initial load are buggy. For example you cannot load imaged "Show Image" and you cannot edit messages.