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Version 3 so far part 3



another update video to 3, a lot of the work has gone on behind the scenes, a few of the things on the front end:

new/working features:

  • @mentions pop up
  • "who is" typing message in rooms (this might not make it into the final or the service as it does cause some weird cpu spikes at time from my testing, so unless i can find a way to make it more efficient its days might be numbered)
  • popout
  • growing textarea 
  • delete/edit messages
  • grouping (chains your messages together till chain is broken)
  • you to the right (your avatar/messages appear on the right instead of the left, everyone else is to the left. looks more like other chat apps)

most of the work has taken place in the backend of things, getting everything smoothed out, to make working with babble easier for me and other developers if they so choose. as you can see in the video there are still plenty of bugs left :) 

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