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Found 6 results

  1. Michael


    Version 2.9.1


    This is the self hosted version of babble chat. it requires you to have access to nodejs or provide nodejs for it. this is a unconditional requirement for this application. if you are interested in this program, but can not provide access to nodejs, there is a service version located here: NOTICE: If you are upgrading Babble, you will need to restart your babble.js application. if you have moved it from the default directory you will need to take the updated one, verify the information it contains, and replace the one you removed and then restart the babble.js app for node. Babble
  2. Babble leverages two levels of Permissions and Moderator Options. The permissions will apply to any and all groups when configured, and the moderator options will only apply to the groups that are moderators and are given the moderator permissions for babble. Permissions Explained: There are 6 permissions that each babble room can use: View - this allows the group to see the room and messages. Message - this allows the group to send messages. Whisper - this allows the group to send and to receive (you wont be able to send a whisper to a member of a group that doesn
  3. What is the time bot? The time bot will send messages based on a predetermined amount of time. This bot runs from a task, it doesn't take user interaction to trigger it. Due to this, it is highly recommended that you configure your task to run from a cron or a cron service. The bot can be configured to run a minimum of 1 minute to several hours. Each room can be configured to use a different configuration for the time bot. This configuration will only effect the room its configured for. So if the time bot is enabled in "room 1" but not in "room 2", it will not run in "room 2" and m
  4. What is the phrase bot? The phrase bot is designed to match words/phrases from a users messages, and when matched, send a shout. Due to technical limitations, the phrase bot will match in order, so if you have "Dude" and "Dude where's my car" as words/phrases to match on, and dude is before "dude where's my car", dude will be matched first (this mainly effects if there is a match limit, the second one might not ever get triggered.) Each room can be configured to use a different configuration for the phrase bot. This configuration will only effect the room its configured for. So if t
  5. What is the count bot? as it names implies, it will send messages based on how many messages have been sent, once the message is sent, the counter is cleared and it will send a message the message again once triggered. You can configure multiple count triggers that contain different messages. Note: there are limitations, the counts are stored in the datastore, this can be frequently cleared by install apps/plugins/upgrades or a fart in the wind (they count is also cleared each time a room is edited/created), so if you set a ridiculously high number expecting to send a message like
  6. Michael

    Room Creation

    Babble is capable of creating rooms that can be configured independently of each other. Room Features: Independent settings # messages to show flood timer Rules - which can be used to display a list of rules that must be agreed to before entering the room. Bots - Bots will have thier own guides as there is a lot to cover on them. Group Content - Places an additional requirement for groups who have view/message permissions. Based on their contributed content to your site. If you want to limit the use of this room to members who have x amount of content
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