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Babble Chat Service install and configuration


The purpose of this guide is to get you started with the babble chat service. after purchase, please go here to retrieve your chat service license key.

Install babble. next go to Babble->Configuration->General, click on the "Node Settings" tab. you will find 3 fields here, the first field is Node URL, this should already be https://codingjungle.net.

the second one is "License Key", enter the license key you got from above here.

the finale field is "License Key Email" this is the email address of the account that purchased babble. 

click on save, there will be no warnings or errors if everything went thru fine. if you get an error about activating the key, please fill out a support report for babble chat service and i can further assist you there. 

Note: it can take up to 2 hours after activating the key, that the service is fully activated. so please give at least 2 hours of time after activation, before reporting or contacting me about connection issues. if it has been longer than 2 hours, then something is wrong.

Edited by Michael

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