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Phrase Bot Configuration


What is the phrase bot? 

The phrase bot is designed to match words/phrases from a users messages, and when matched, send a shout. Due to technical limitations, the phrase bot will match in order, so if you have "Dude" and "Dude where's my car" as words/phrases to match on, and dude is before "dude where's my car", dude will be matched first (this mainly effects if there is a match limit, the second one might not ever get triggered.)

Each room can be configured to use a different configuration for the phrase bot. This configuration will only effect the room its configured for. So if the phrase bot is enabled in "room 1" but not in "room 2", it will not run in "room 2" and messages it sends from "room 1" will only display in "room 1".


Edit an existing room or create a new one. Go to the "Phrase Bot" tab, and click on enable. 3 additional fields will appear.

Member: enter a name of a member you wish to send these messages as (it is recommended you create a special "Phrase Bot" member or a general "Babble Bot" member that sends out all the messages for the bots, but the choice is yours, the bot member's group doesn't have to have permissions for the room, it will shout regardless of room permissions). also any bot member, will not be able to be banned/muted/ignored/kicked from any of the rooms, it is why I recommend creating a special member for its use. 

Matches: This field is how many times the phrase bot will match, this includes matches that have mulitple matchings. so you will prolly want to configure this to a relatively low number, if you have a lot of potential matches that could creep up, so the phrase bot doesn't spam your message area.


Match: here you can entere a phrase/word to match, if you use the | in between phrase/word, the message can be used again. so say you have Apple|Microsoft|Google, the message for the match will be used on all 3.

Message: here you can enter a message that will be sent. there are 3 special variables that can be used to personalize the message to the user who triggered it, #user# (the username of the user who triggered it) and #bot# (the bot's username, good incase you change the bot's display name) and #match# (which match triggered it this is useful for multiple matching). The message can contain HTML/BBC, but you are responsible for styling as there isn't any styling babble uses here for it. remember babble is responsive, so your HTML/BBC should also be responsive. Also remember, that babble re-inits messages JS when they are recieved so you could in theory use data controllers here. (any classes or data controllers used here, must be on the white list in acp->customization->editor->settings->advanced tab, or HTMLPurifier will wipe them out).

Once you have your phrase bot configured to your liking, click save. The bot will run in the room its been configured in when it is triggered.


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