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Babble Chat Service 2.4.3

This announcement is no longer active


A new version of babble chat service is available. please upgrade to 2.4.3 of the chat service to continue with the service. the previous version will be unpredictable  due to the core changes (i've upgrade the socket.io to 2.0.3 and elphant.io to the latest versions, the versions in 2.3.3 might not be a 100% compatible with the older versions). I will try to minimize these changes in the future as best as i can, but it was unavoidable due to long over due fixes for the online list and menu tab counts.

if you installed the babble override plugin i sent a few people, please uninstall it before you upgrade. you should no longer require it, due to the fixes made to the activation class. if you have any questions or problems, feel free to use the support section of the babble chat service to let me know.