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  • CJ Menu By Michael

    • $35.00
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    CJ Menu 4, is a full featured menu manager for IPS 4. CJ Menu 4 differs from previous versions of CJ Menu in key areas, originally it would replace the default IPS menu on all pages, but due to incompatibilities that a lot of third party skins introduce, this is now optional, with additional tools to aid in creation of custom menus thru out your site. Menu groups can now be selected to be shown on certain apps (this does not effect widgets, as widget areas are isolated to the apps).  Features: Optional replacement of the Default IPS Menu (this is enabled by default for legacy reasons on the Primary Menu Group). Unlimited Menu Groups (Menu Manager comes with 2 default groups that can not be removed, that is Primary and Header. Primary can be used to replace the default IPS Menu if your theme is compatible, Header will appear at the top of your site) Unlimited Parent Menu Items (the menu utilizes a "More" functionality) and unlimited tiers of sub menus. Mega Menu or Traditional Drop down layouts available. Magic Blocks: Allows you to create menu items, that have custom HTML/PHP using the IPS template logic, this also allows you to use other IPS template plugins. Two Styles of mobile menu for menu groups. customized icons or font awesome icons can be used for menu items. Several Menu Item types to choose from: Draw, Application, External URL, Internal URL, Magic Block, Wrapper** Special Application Features: Popular/Featured Records, and Attach Categories Pages: allows you to link to a page or a pages database Permission Schema: you can set custom permissions for each menu item, applications can be set to use the applications permissions. Wrapper Pages: links to an external website via Iframe, or you can create your own html page layout that wraps in the IPS wrapper or without it (menu will be available for both)***. ** each menu type excluding magic block, can have a magic block attached to it. *** Allows for simple pages to be created, so use of something like IPS Pages is not require to add additional static pages to your site (will be able to use IPS template logic here). I will no longer offer refunds due to skin incompatibilities with the "primary group" as there are options to disable it, and CJ Menu has a robust API to facilitate building plugins that can use custom groups (not to mention, the header group and the widgets continue to work without issue). If the theme designer is unable or unwilling to help you, I can, but I will charge an hourly rate for any form of customization needed (like plugin creation/css customization). Please contact me here or on my site for more details.
  • Keyword Tooltip By Michael

      Allows you to define certain key words or phrases which, when used in any of the enable/supported applications, can be hover/clicked over to get a popup with more information which you have defined. This popup can contain whatever content you like, such as term definitions. Features: Any application that uses the content item class (all of IPS applications work) Group Settings to add/delete/hide/edit/change/use html author. Use HTML and BBC in descriptions. Keywords to URL (use a URL instead of a popup). Profile Tab to show contributed keywords. Shows up in activity stream. Keyword lists with filtering. Keyword Statistics Rules App integration (by kevin carwile) Note: works only with IPS 4.1 (if installed on 4.0, the front navigation will error out). PHP 5.4 minimum (using specific things found in php 5.4+).
  • CJ Duplicate Member Logger By Michael

    • $12.50
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    CJ Duplicate Member Logger Logs members who use multiple accounts on the same computer/browser to access your site.  Features: Logs member accounts and possible alts Automatic responses (like PM/AutoBans) ACP/MCP interfaces to view and handle infringers (allows you to ban alts/main account, email, delete alts) Exclude Goups/Members (Exclude groups and Members from being logged) Exclude Members Notes (leave a note about why a member is excluded) NOTE: Requires min php 5.4 and IPS 4.1.4 (due to the use of traits)
  • Media By Michael

    Media is the spiritual successor to CJ Media System, this app allows you to create media items from popular video/audio services and allows video/audio upload and playback.  Features: Categories with permissions Services: youtube, dailymotion, soundcloud, vimeo Supports the pulling in of Youtube Channels and Playlist via task, configurable per category. Supported Video Formats: mp4/webM/ogg (this is browser/OS dependent) Supported Audio Formats: mp3/ogg (this is browser/OS dependent) IPS Tag system (if it is capturing url's from content items and the service supports tags, it will grab the tags from the service and use them. this feature can be disabled) Cover Photos. (Video/Audio can have a cover photo, also the supported services that support the player ( youtube, vimeo, soundcloud) ) Downloads of audio/video files (this is configured per category and you can limit it to groups) Comments Related Media on media view (this uses the tag system, if it can't find any matches, defaults to search via title name) Most of the core IPS features (ratings, likes, follow, category permissions, group permissions,sharing,etc) Featured Carousel  Latest Media widget If services are configured with their API's enabled, Will captured supported services URL's and created media items from content items ( IPS applications supported*) Limit which apps you capture services url's from, then which category (for the apps that support categories) Twitter Card: Summary. each media item will configure a twitter card for sharing Expandable API to allow more media services to be added

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