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  • CJ Duplicate Member Logger By Michael

    • $35
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    • 38
    • 31
    CJ Duplicate Member Logger Logs members who use multiple accounts on the same computer/browser to access your site.  Features: Logs member accounts and possible alts Automatic responses (like PM/AutoBans) ACP/MCP interfaces to view and handle infringers (allows you to ban alts/main account, email, delete alts) Exclude Goups/Members (Exclude groups and Members from being logged) Exclude Members Notes (leave a note about why a membe
  • Menu Groups Manager By Michael

    • $25
    • 0 reviews
    • 118
    • 1
    Menu Groups Manager, is a spiritual successor to CJ Menu. This menu manager offers a wide range of abilities and features, not found in the default IPS menu manager. You will have the ability to create unlimited groups, use them in a widget, hooks or in one of the 5 predefined locations. Note: if you are a CJ Menu owner and purchased from here, you can claim for a limited time a free copy of MGM (go to Store->manage orders, find CJ Menu, and click on manage, there will be a button for up
  • Keyword Tooltip By Michael

    Allows you to define certain key words or phrases which, when used in any of the enable/supported applications, can be hover/clicked over to get a popup with more information which you have defined. This popup can contain whatever content you like, such as term definitions. Features: Any application that uses the content item class (all of IPS applications work) Group Settings to add/delete/hide/edit/change/use html author. Use HTML and BBC in descriptions. Keyw
  • Media By Michael

    Media is the spiritual successor to CJ Media System, this app allows you to create media items from popular video/audio services and allows video/audio upload and playback.  Features: Categories with permissions Services: youtube, dailymotion, soundcloud, vimeo Supports the pulling in of Youtube Channels and Playlist via task, configurable per category. Supported Video Formats: mp4/webM/ogg (this is browser/OS dependent) Supported Audio Formats: mp3/ogg (t
  • Stratagem By Michael

    • $60
    • 0 reviews
    • 39
    • 0
    Don't forget to to check out the websocket packages for stratagem 2.0.0 to unlock the full potential of your community: https://codingjungle.com/store/category/21-stratagem/ Stratagem is the next-gen project management app for Invision Community, based on the concept of kanban. Plan, manage, and deliver community projects directly from your Invision Community with the project management app Stratagem. Manage – Implement the project of your dreams using the project management to
  • Babble Chat Service - (1 yr, upto 5 licenses) By Michael

    • $375
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    • 1
    • 0
    This is for a multi-site/increased connected limits than regular chat service offers.  this is for a 1 year subscription cycle.  what you will get: 5 copies of babble to use on 5 sites.  private babble nodejs server (the connected user limit is not unlimited, but the server in this price bracket will easily handle around 1500 to 2000 connected users, this is not per site, but in total of all sites). region of your choice (north america (NYC, San Francisco, Toronto)
  • Name 2 Avatars By Michael

    GENERAL DESCRIPTION Name 2 Avatars, community-driven idea that started with a simple thought by a fellow IPS client: generate unique and colorful profile photos for members who don't upload a photo.  You've seen this idea popularized on many other websites, and now it's available here for IPS 4!  Download now and start customizing your membership with Name 2 Avatars. Name 2 Avatars will generate a unique profile photo for every member in your IPS community who does not upload a photo.  Th
  • Babble Chat Service By Michael

    Request a on site trial: You can request a trial for your site. please contact me here. Please in the PM include what site you will be using it on and on average how many users will be using it at any given time. the demo is full featured, but it will expire 10 days after the key is issued. this is only good for one site and you can only request 1 demo, so if you request it and don't use it in the allotted time, i will not extend the trial. After Purchase: After purchase, go
  • Self Destructing Notes By Michael

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    This is a simple app, that allows you to create a note that will self destruct after viewing by another person/user.  create a note, it copies a link to your clipboard, send link to another party, note will destroy itself after they view it. if you find this application useful, please considering donating to: https://www.paypal.me/codingjungle any amount will help keep this app free and up to date.

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