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Here you will find applications made for IPS 4.x

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    This is a collection of tools that I have found useful over the years. Some of these tools have been exported out of the now defunct toolbox application.
    Diffs : Paste in 2 different sources to see the changes between the two. Json: Formats a json string into its pretty print format. QR Code: Generate a QR code for various reasons, also has options to customize the QR Code. Using imagick produces best results. Lorem Ipsum: A Lorem Ipsum generator, allows you to generate in a few different formats from individual words, to sentences and paragraphs. BitWise: Generates a list of bitwise values. Hash: Creates various types of hash from a string. UUID: creates UUID's. QR Decode: Decodes a QR code. Using imagick produces best results. HTML: Encode/Decode html content. Base64: encode content into base64, decode 64 content back to a readable string. AES: encode and decode AES strings. Numbers: convert numbers into various formats. Dates: converts dates into various date formats. Images: converts images from one format to another. Using Imagick produces best results.
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