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Suggestion: Collapsable Button Widget

Suggestion 2.8.7

This isn't a bug, but a suggestion for a widget style that I think would work really well with this application.

A clickable button that expands into the full chat room, and utilises cookies to remember a user's preference for opened or collapsed. When collapsed, it only displays as a small circle icon allowing the rest of the site to expand into the space. 

Some features/settings that would be useful on such a widget:

  • Size of button in px
  • Fontawesome icon to display on button
  • Width of expanded chatbox in px
  • Height of expanded chatbox in px
  • Show online user list (disabled for chatboxes set below a certain width) yes/no
  • Show editor buttons yes/no
  • Sticky button & chatbox in position yes/no
  • Show user avatars yes/no
  • User avatar size in px
  • Show connecting/disconnected dialog yes/no

Unrelated, but it would also be amazing if it could work with Adriano's Linked Accounts mod, allowing users to choose which of their linked accounts they want to send the message from in the message composer.

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