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Group Settings


Formularize has a tab in group settings. here you can give access to several features of of formularize. By default, the only setting in group settings that any group has, is access to all the field types. 

Screen Shot 2022-02-24 at 3.33.04 AM.png

Can See Sensitive Data: if you give this group the ability to see this data, they will be able to see it for any field marked as "sensitive" on any form.

Creator: can see sensitive data: you can restrict the form author from seeing this data if the above setting is disabled. this is so if the form creator adds a field marked in settings to be auto sensitive, they wont be able to see the data.

override auto sensitive: if a field is set as auto sensitive in settings, this allows this group to override the sensitive setting when adding a field to the form.

Can export: allows them to export a form they created.

Allowed Fields: here you can select which fields each group can use when creating a field, as there are a large amount of fields that are available, but you have the ability to restrict what fields a group can access. 

Use Url: if this is enable, a url can be given to auto complete to return results from a database base on the typed in criteria, this should be given with caution, as it only accepts local URL's, so this would require a plugin or another app to create the controller to return the data. 


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