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As most of you know I left the IPS development community quite awhile ago. Officially I announced my leaving at the end of 2022, but anyone who used my apps, knew that I had checked out long before that.

I know with my abrupt leaving, i likely have burnt a lot of bridges in the community and tarnished my reputation. This is all on me and something I will have to strive to work on to get any of that back. 

I have decided to relaunch my apps here on my site again, and start back into a limited development with IPS, at least for the forseeable future of IPS 4.x and into IPS 5.x.

I have adopted a new model for my apps, adopting a subscription model. purchasing a subscription will give access to any of the apps in the subscription category (which at first will be stratagem and formularize, i do have plans on extending the offerings). 

For former customers of mine, I have a lot to make up for and a lot of trust and respect to earn back. I want to make this up to you, so contact me if you are considering purchasing and lets see if i can make this right.

For future customers  enjoy a 10% discount with coupon code:



Use this code at checkout.



Michael AKA Codingjungle 

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