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Recently I've replaced Github's copilot with tabbyml. it is an opensourced, locally run ai assistant. it works fairly well, it does have some limits and its not quite as good as github's copilot. but imho it has several advantages over copilot and other ai assistants for coding. the biggest benefit to me is that it is free and offers most of the features the other do. the second is the privacy of my data, it doesn't feed back to the models as i understand it, so your code is safe.


the installation and using of it is pretty straight forward. the more powerful nvidia gpu you have, the larger the models you can run and the more "accurate" they will be. currently i run a 3B model on my nvidia rtx 3050 with 4gb, it struggles a little bit, but it does remarkably well imho. so if you have a rtx 4060 with more than 8gb of video ram, you'd probably have no trouble running most of the models. check the link out above and give it a go.

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