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Babble 2.5.0


Babble 2.5.0 will be released the next few days. This release is mainly for Commands. A lot of the planned features for commands for 3.0.0 have been backported to 2.5.0, to help fix several issues. mainly cause of confusion when it came to permissions or "quirks" in the previous system that would allow some of the "moderator" commands to be used by everyone or groups that weren't a moderator.


  • Custom Commands/included commands and aliases have all been merged.
  • Permissions are now handled per Command (including any added commands).
  • Custom Commands of the basic type found in previous versions can be created, along with more advanced form ones, like the included commands. there will be new guides to explain how to do either.

Custom Commands:

you will still be able to add your own custom commands. there will be 2 types you have a choice from. Basic, basic works identically to the way the custom commands from previous versions, and advanced. Advanced are php based ones, designed to do more advanced things, all of the included commands are of this type. I will make guides for both of these types, to better explain how they are to be used, and what options are available to you.


Aliases still exist in this version, but they are now included with the commands. Instaed of one HUGE list of available commands, with their stacks all visible. The Aliases have their own tab within the command.


Help has its own tab now inside the command, and will be using translatable, so you can customize the commands help per language you have installed.

This is a much needed improvement for babble, hopefully it is a welcomed change :). let me know what you think or if you have any questions.


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