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Babble 3.0.0 Preview


I'll be releasing Babble 3.0.0 preview this week, ONLY UPGRADE if you are wanting to test it out. this will be a post beta release, but it might still have bugs in it.

You will also need to have IPS 4.5 installed, as 3.0.0 has been designed around to work best with it. It might work with 4.4, but there is no guarantee that it will. 

I will be releasing the self hosted preview tomorrow, but the chat service version will come a few days later. 

Once i move from preview to the release, there will be a 30 day period in which babble 2.x will continue to operate on the service, after this, i will be shutting down the 2.x chat service servers.  Self hosted will not be effected by this, so if you wish to continue to run the 2.x branch, you can, but no updates/bug fixes or improvements will be made to it after the 30 days.



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